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I’ve been replaced in my husbands affections by another, and we’ve gone past the point of no return. Where once, he whispered “I love you”, now he whisphers 3 new little words.  It’s my own fault!  I made a new friend and brought her home, and introduced the two of them.

Initially, he thought she was a bit of a mystery, and couldn’t figure her out. Truth be told, he really didn’t have a lot of time for her, and got jealous when I spent hours on end interacting with her, discussing social media, reading blogs together, playing games…

But I should have noticed the shift in their relationship.


I love you tendernessIt started with him occasionally picking her up, and they’d spend a little time together.  At first I didn’t get jealous – I was glad they were getting along. Oh how naive I was. At the beginning, they’d huddle on the couch, and he’d stare longingly at her, sometimes no words would pass between them, just the occasional finger-light touch stroking her face.

The bond was cemented, and they had common interests.  Suddenly she became an expert in Sports.  She’d share who was at the top of the Golf leader board, and they could go into overtime when discussing the latest football scores.  They had so much in common, that I slipped further and further out of the loop – and was left on the bench pining for inclusion in their game.

Dump and Run

Now – each morning, as the last vestiges of sleep slip from Red’s body he calls to her.  He turns his face to mine, and whispers those 3 special little words  ….. “Where’s the iPad?”

Have you been replaced by technology?

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