Bodrum Bulletin Turkey Brilliant Source of Local Information in Bodrum

I’ve found an alternative to the Expat Forums – in the shape of The Bodrum Bulletin, which is a fortnightly newsletter. It really has a community feel, and looks like it’s written by an Expat, who lives in the area.  There’s articles and tidbits of information about shops, events and living in Turkey.  The below links are examples of a couple of articles:

Price of Food between Turkey and UK

One year ago a basket of shopping was compared between Turkey (Migros) and UK (Sainsburys), and this article is an update on the pricing differences at the beginning of the summer season.

Solar Energy

This article is well researched and has links to additional sources for information – there’s everything you’d need to know about Solar Engergy – and more.

The articles in the Bodrum Bulletin are diverse – from different sources – and on a broad range of services and subjects.

There’s a lot of tid-bits of information – which are great to scan through – these include Classifieds, Questions; Useful Information; Weather, Recipes; Events and PC Corner.

A couple of my fave’s on this site:

Previous 7 Day Timelapse Videos

You can watch a 26 second Time-lapse video to see what the weather has been like for the previous 24 hours.

Reader Recommendations

Browse through recommendations about local suppliers — from building work to baking cakes.

You can SUBSCRIBE to the monthly newsletter – for free.  What I like about this news outlet – is that it has a true community feel.