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Nov 24

Sunny Blue Rice Balls

Sunny Blue Rice Balls You usually have to travel to a foreign country to encounter a new dish that captures your taste buds and imagination, but yesterday I stumbled upon a narrow little hole in the wall called Sunny Blue along Venice’s Main Street. “First Omusubi Store in Southern California”, caught my attention, and at first …

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Nov 13

What is House Sitting?

Not quite sure of what a house sitter is or does? Here’s a definition of House Sitting, with a high level overview of the benefits to both the Home Owner and House Sitter.

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Nov 06

House Sitters How-to e-book

Rick and Colleen from House Sitting Adventures website have published “The House Sitters How-to Handbook” to help you travel the world one house at a time.

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Oct 30

Who pays utilities during House Sitting Assignments?

If you’re making a house sitting arrangement through a Listing Site, one of agreements you’ll need to reach is, who pays for utilities. This post contains guidelines about who pays for what during your house sitting assignment.

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Oct 26

5 Steps to House Sitter Membership

Here’s a summary of 5 steps you’ll need to complete to sign up for a House Sitting Listing Service, and tips on how to be proactive in your search for a house sitting assignment.

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Oct 23

How to Become a House-Sitter e-book

Hecktick travels have published a House Sitting Handbook for anyone wanting to find out more about becoming a House Sitter. Discover more about the contents and how to buy a copy for yourself.

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Oct 20

Top 5 ways to find House Sit Assignments

This post is part of my House Sitting 101 series, and includes a summary for the 5 main ways to find your ideal House Sitting assignment. If you’re a new House Sitter, this list will provide an introduction on where to start your search.

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Oct 16

5 House Sitter Questions

With more than a handful of housesitting assignments under their belt, there’s a few house sitter questions that nearly always get asked of this house sitting couple. In this guest post provided by James from The House Sitting Couple, he gives a run down of what those five frequently asked questions are.

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Oct 09

Articles About Being a House Sitter & House Sitting

This House Sitter Article Round Up includes excerpts of House Sitting Articles culled from the web. Just follow the links to view the full content.

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Oct 01

Expat Blog Carnival #4: Homesickness

This is the fourth edition of my Expat Blog Carnival. This is a collection of all the best Expat blog content on the web. This edition has a theme of “homesickness”

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Sep 28

Consignment & Resale in Los Angeles

Resale and Consignment shops are popping up all over, and there’s a good selection in the West Side of Los Angeles, California. Check them out in Mar Vista.

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Sep 18

Life’s a Beach for our House Sitting gig

House Sitting at Hermosa Beach was like trying on somebody else’s life for a week. It fit like a glove, and left we wanting more days at the Beach.

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Sep 14

WordCamp LA 2013

For those of you who haven’t heard of these events before, they’re like the WordPress equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous. In short, it’s a WordPress meet up for WordPress addicts, to talk about WordPress, breath about WordPress and drool over WordPress … oh, and to share information and insights about this open source platform with other addicts.

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Sep 11

My Expat Author Interview with Blog Expat

Excerpt from my Author Interview at Blog Expat: I survived the Moonies, and vowed to myself I’d return to the States one day. Back home, I met and fell in love with London, and enjoyed a long, fruitful and gloriously eventful relationship with that fabulous city.

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Sep 07

UK State Pensions for Expat’s Aboard

How much UK State Pension are you eligible for? Find out how to get your pension statement from the government to get an estimation of what your National Insurance Contributions will cover you for. Did you know you can contribute make-up contributions to cover missing years?

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Sep 04

#1 WordPress Plugin for Managing your Blog Posts

One of the most valuable tools for managing your Blog Post schedule is a Posts Calendar. If you’re using Wordpress I’d recommend this plugin for scheduling.

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Sep 01

Expat Blog Carnival #3: Stereotyping

This is the third edition of my Expat Blog Carnival. This is a collection of all the best Expat blog content on the web. This edition has a theme of “expat stereotyping”

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Aug 21

Maternity, Paternity, Techernity

We need a new employment law which gives people Techernity Leave when they buy a new piece of Technology. My computer is my new bundle of joy, so it should have the same rights as any other new arrival.

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Aug 06

Introducing the Members of Slade

Who were the members of Slade? My article about a trip down memory lane with Slade received lots of Twitter momentum so I obviously touched reminiscent nerve. I went in search of another slice of Slade and found these beermat designs (which were done for a Sladefest) created by David Parkins and Carl Flint. I think the …

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Aug 01

Expat Carnival #2: Making Yourself at Home

This is the second edition of my Expat Blog Carnival. This is a collection of all the best Expat blog content on the web. This edition has a theme of “making yourself at home”

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Jul 25

Down Memory Lane with Glam Rockers Slade

Slade were a ’70s Glam Rock band which personified the era. If you’re a baby boomer you probably saw them for the first time on the UK’s Top of the Pops, and I just had a trip down memory lane whilst watching Slade’s 1999 documentary.

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Jul 18

Cultivating the Good Life

My brother’s living the Good Life. He’s spent the last year cultivating his land, and this is the bounty of his hard work. Looks good enough to eat!

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Jul 10

Report @rovingjayb for SPAM

What should you do if somebody on Twitter has stolen your identity and is using your Name, Twitter Handle and Bio. Report them as SPAM to Twitter

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Jul 01

Expat Carnival #1: In the Garden

This is the first edition of my Expat Blog Carnival. This is a collection of all the best Expat blog content on the web. This edition has a theme of flora and fauna…

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Jun 30

I should have listened to Jamie Oliver

What should you do when you go to all the effort of making your own Chutney … but it’s just way too spicy to eat?

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Jun 15

Mobile Flower Truck

If you’re on the Westside of LA, look out for the Mobile Flower Truck. This converted ice cream van sells flowers to passers by, and can be hired out for private events. Just one of the many Mobile Retailers operating in SoCal

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May 31

Yalla Yalla Pop Up, London

Beirut Street Food Pop Up in the East End on Shoreditch Street Food. This restaurant is a funky location serving fresh Mediterranean food & alcohol.

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Apr 01

Wherever I lay my hat

Wherever I lay my hat I’m from everywhere and nowhere, I don’t call anywhere home. The same year I was born, Marvin Gaye wrote and recorded the song “wherever I lay my hat (that’s my home)” – maybe if hats suited me, I’d feel at home somewhere! Before I became a British expat, I lived in …

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Feb 10

Chasing the Dragon in London

According to “London’s Chinese New Year celebrations are the largest outside Asia. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people descend on the West End to wish each other “Kung Hei Fat Choi” (or Happy New Year).” London 2013: Year of the Snake So with a write-up like that, I was expecting an epic event!  …

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Jan 18

40 days and 40 Nights

40 days and 40 nights. 40 is a magical biblical number. It is also the same duration as my business trip to London. “A 40-something time period, whether days, months, or years is ALWAYS a period of testing, trial, probation, or chastisement”

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