Blogging in Pajamas Word Cloud

What’s in a name?

Pajamas.  PJ’s. Jammie’s, Jim-Jams.  There’s many names for those comfy lounge pants, and when you look for a dictionary, you’ll come across the original Asian, and modern European definitions:

  1. Loose-fitting trousers, usually of silk or cotton, worn by both sexes in the Orient.
  2. Night clothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and jacket.

Striped PajamasThe word Pajama, originates from two Persian words – pāy (leg) + jāma (garment), and when I wear pajama’s, I favour cotton striped draw string pajama bottoms with a plain cotton top.

And I must confess — for me, Blogging has a heightened sense of decadence, when I blog wearing pajamas.

Blogging about Pajamas

I’m not the first blogger to write about the past-time of blogging in pajama’s.  In fact, in 2005 a group of influential bloggers got together to create Pajamasmedia, which was in response to all of the negative publicity about Bloggers spending all day in their Pajama’s.

I came across a couple of noteworthy posts and one video on Blogging in Pajama’s (links below):

  1. What kind of pajama’s do you blog in? by Dave Nalle

  2. Blogging in pajama’s, fact or fiction? by Barbara Swafford

  3. Why I blog in my Pajama’s by Elysa Rice’s video

But I was surprised about how little content was written about the topic – because to me,  Blogging and Pajama’s go together like – Bonnie and Clyde or Strawberries and Cream.

So if Elysa Rice is right, and being in loose Pajama’s let’s creativity flow from us, what would your ideal set of Blogging Pajama’s look like?

Pajama for setting the mood

There are so many themed blogs out there, I’m sure there’s a complimentary set of Pajama’s for every niche.  Here’s a couple of recommendations:

Eiffel tower Pajama's

French Flair

For those writing a French Travel or Fashion Blog, how about this Light Blue Eiffel Stretch Lounge Set to get you in the Parisien spirit.  With a fashionable scoop neck and empire waist, this cutting edge PJ’s, will have you supplementing your blogging diet with a croissant and Cafe au Lait.  Only $122 from Glamorous Los Angeles

Liberty of London Red Rose Pajama's

Smelling of Roses

Whether you’re an English Rose, or somebody with a green thumb – how about these Red Rose traditional flannel Pajama’s to encourage your blog posts to bloom.  A bargain at only $234 from Liberty of London.

Mommy and Me Pajama Sets

Mommy & Me

And if you’re an active Mommy Blogger, what better choice than an Mommy and Me set of Turquoise Moroccan Paisley pajama’s, with a lace trim to channel your feminine side; patterns to hide the juice spills; and an aura of faraway places to release you from the monotony of household chores.  This set can be snapped up for $178.

So whether your a niche blogger, an avid blogger or a sporadic blogger – is there an attire that gets you in the mood to blog more creatively?


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The feature photo of Hugh Heffner was included, to pay homage to the Patron Saint of the Silk Pajama.