Cashing in

Living in America, you get used to the optimization of the commercial opportunities at the local tourist attractions.

Kodak Camera for RollercoasterRide a scary roller coaster at Magic Mountain and they’ll snap your grimace of fear, just as the car hurtles down a steep decline.  When you get off the ride, still high on adrenaline, you eagerly hand over a fist full of dollars to procure the snap.

Visit Universal Studio’s and you can be photographed with the likes of Sponge Bob Square Pants or Dora the Explorer, and then purchase a copy of the auspicious occasion on your way out of the Park.

Or visit Disneyland, and the street-walkers Cinderella and Mini Mouse will charge you for a cuddle and a photograph.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the Medical Profession was also getting in on the “capture the moment for prosperity” bandwagon.

Red went in for ligament replacement surgery in his knee last week, and during his follow-up exam with the Doctor, we left with the following:

  1. assurances that the operation went well;
  2. a copy of his before and after ligament photo’s (which I have to admit to my untrained eye, all looked like close-up photo’s of freshly prepared sushi); and, the icing on the cake…
  3. a DVD of the entire orthoscopic procedure — for our viewing pleasure.

Surprising enough, Red has no desire to watch it.  But I have a morbid curiosity, and will slip it into the DVD player when his Vicodin kicks in.

Has anyone else watched a DVD of a surgical procedure?







© Feature Photo: youcanbenefit

©: Roller Coaster Photo:  advertolog