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Jun 05

I’m going to Camp NaNoWriMo this Summer

The thought of being locked in a wooden cabin with 12 other people for a month, fills this introvert with dread. But luckily Camp NaNoWriMo in July … is a virtual camp, so I’ll enjoy every minute.

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Jan 06

Winter Chill Haiku

I’m getting warmed up for NaHaiWriMo in February, and am using January to home my Haiku writing skills. Here’s my Winter Chill Haiku.

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Sep 10

Expats Guide to Coffee and Tea Blog Carnival

Finding Travel Bloggers One of the most popular pages on my website is my 100+ Travel Blogs accepting Guest Posts. The benefit of hosting and maintaining this list is that I get lots of great emails and comments from fellow travel bloggers and expat travellers. The other day I got an email from a blogger …

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Aug 20

5 Expat Blogs to give you Itchy Feet

Every now and then I like Roving the internet to find a fresh batch of Expat Blogs for you to discover. Here’s a summary of the Expat Blogs I stumbled across on my latest surfing expedition:

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Aug 15

Guest Blog Guidelines for Roving Jay

I accept guest blog articles from other bloggers and writers. Content must be pertinent to Expats, Global Digital Nomads and House Sitters or other related topics. Contact me to pitch your idea.

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May 21

LA Screening for the Wireless Generation

Wireless Generation trailer from creators Drew and Christine from Almost Fearless. This travel blogging duo created a KickStarter project to showcase other bloggers and professionals who are global nomads and chasing their dreams in distant lands.

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Apr 27

Don’t let Clutter hold you back

If you have too much clutter in your life, there’s no room to chase your dreams. So get rid of it and start a new life with the help of the Declutter Clinic

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Apr 20

In the Member’s Hotseat at We Love Memoirs

I’m in the Members hot seat at We Love Memoirs. One of the friendliest groups on Facebook

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Oct 15

How NOT to apply to a House Sitting advert

First Impressions count when you’re applying for a housesitting assignment online. People make snap judgements and this can stop you getting the assignment.

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Aug 12

Learning Pen & Ink Drawing with Alphonso Dunn

Introduction to the volume of videos featuring Drawing with Alphonso Dunn. Learn Pen & Ink Sketching with Alponso Dunn. He has created lots of free instructional videos on You Tube and I’ve included the links here.

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Dec 17

Forget the Turkey. Order a Goat!

I’m trying to reduce the amount of crap I purchase. Let’s face it, around this time of year between Black Friday and the January Sales needless commercialism and excessive spending run rampant. One of the impacts of this new zen approach is the difficulty I’ve encountered while searching to find the ideal Christmas gifts for some co-workers.

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Sep 14

WordCamp LA 2013

For those of you who haven’t heard of these events before, they’re like the WordPress equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous. In short, it’s a WordPress meet up for WordPress addicts, to talk about WordPress, breath about WordPress and drool over WordPress … oh, and to share information and insights about this open source platform with other addicts.

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Sep 04

#1 WordPress Plugin for Managing your Blog Posts

One of the most valuable tools for managing your Blog Post schedule is a Posts Calendar. If you’re using Wordpress I’d recommend this plugin for scheduling.

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Aug 21

Maternity, Paternity, Techernity

We need a new employment law which gives people Techernity Leave when they buy a new piece of Technology. My computer is my new bundle of joy, so it should have the same rights as any other new arrival.

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Jul 10

Report @rovingjayb for SPAM

What should you do if somebody on Twitter has stolen your identity and is using your Name, Twitter Handle and Bio. Report them as SPAM to Twitter

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Aug 26

Capture your Audiences Attention & Get Read

If you don’t capture your audiences attention, they won’t read your content and will navigate to another site. Learn how to hook them.

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Aug 19

3 Step Approach for focusing your Blog Content

Use a 3 Step Approach for creating blog content. Capture your audiences attention, identify your call to action & convey the benefit.

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Aug 12

Value triangle of Google Alerts

The best way to keep track of new activity on the internet, is to sign up for Google Alerts

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Jul 15

Crash and Burn for the Write on Project

What comes to mind when you think “crash and burn?” At first, I couldn’t summon up any inspiration for my first narrative piece for the Write On Project, but after googling a couple of inspiration quotes — it struck.

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Jul 05

Mind Map Inspiration

Inspiration for Creating your Mind Map Mind Maps are as individual as the person who creates them. But all of them have the following in common: Tips for creating a Mind Map: Put your main idea in the center of the paper Use single strong words or short & meaningful phrases Use colors, shapes or …

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Jun 29

Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Not sure if you should guest blog? Take a look at this infographic about the power of Guest Blogging, and reap the benefits of this activity.

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Apr 10

My Entry for Photo Roulette Round #40

I took this photo in Amsterdam, of course! It’s of the Bike Park near the train station – and there was bikes as far as the eye could see.

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Dec 11

My entry for Photo Roulette Round #32

My entry for the Love round of Photo Roulette was taken in Norfolk, England. This Mute Swan had been diving below the water to feed, and then swimming around with it’s feathers all fluffed up to dry in the sun. As a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, he’s cruising a local river in Norfolk England, looking for a mate.

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Dec 02

Why I like Tag Clouds

Online, where web users are inundated with information, and web pages are scanned for pertinent topics rather than read word-for-word — Tag Clouds have a valuable role to play.

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Sep 15

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines Launch Party

Content is King When I started my blogs, I naively assumed it was mostly about writing content, because I heard that “Content is King”. But King Content also needs a Queen, as well as Coutiers and a kingdom full of subjects to be effective.  There’s no point writing amazing content, if there’s nobody in your court to appreciate it. Royalty in Motion There’s an …

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Jul 02

Sombody copied my content but didn’t link back to me

You’ve copyscaped your site and found that other websites are using your content. What can you do? Link-backs: Link-backs are a great SEO tool.  If somebody is using your content, you may as well get some benefit out of it: Contact the site and ask them to provide a link back to your site, and …

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Jun 29

Who has copied your site content?

I’m flattered when other web sites copy snippets of my content, as long as they provide a link back to my source page. But how do you check?

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Jun 23


XHTML and CSS are the next generation HTML, they were developed to separate structure from content.

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Jun 19

Image File Size Tips for your Website Photo’s

Optimise your Image files for your Website Here’s some tips to keep your website load time optimised.  Let’s face it – you’ll lose site visitors if they have to wait for large photo files to load – and nobody has the patience for that.  So it’s important to compress them to an optimal level, and …

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May 13

HTML Generator site

I love this HTML site… I use it which formatting my Wordpress Blog.

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