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Mar 09

Creating Log Lines & Beginning the Creative Process

When I arrived at school for week 3 – Touche was outside the principals office.  I warned him that if he was late to Storytellers, he’d have to do the Chicken Dance – and then I promptly gave him a demo of my version. Touche’s hopes of remaining as unobtrusive as possible were dashed, as …

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Mar 01

Two by Two onto the Ark they went

Week Two of Storytellers.  This week we were assigned to a mentee by way of a Notebook Raffle.  Our names were written on the inside, front cover of a notebook, and the mentee’s chose one at random.  I was assigned to Touche — time will tell if he considers me a worthy prize. As a group we completed …

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Feb 23

Kicking off the creative process

The session ended with the creation of a contract, that we all signed. There was a selection of pens. I signed with orange ink – well it is my favourite colour. I should have had my lawyer read the contract first, apparently I’ve agreed to do the chicken dance if I’m late to the weekly session.

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Feb 06

Young Storytellers Foundation

Young Storytellers is a 9 weeks as a script writing mentor — to a 5th grader! So for 1 hour, 1 lunchtime a week I’ll be helping a kid live his or her Hollywood dream.

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Jan 16

Fiery Chili Pepper Chutney

Inspired by Jamie Oliver, but tweaked by Roving Jay Forget the Branston!  This chutney is the perfect accompaniment to any dish, and also works really well to add a fiery touch to sauces.  I added it to the salmon and spinach mixture in my savory pancakes last night, and put a dollop on my breakfast …

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Dec 15

A Toasted slice of NY in LA

I had an out-of-state experience yesterday. I spent 2 years living in Manhattan, and have many vivid memories of my early days there – visiting a deli to order a bagel and coffee – and being intimidated by the frenetic pace and quick fire questions of the counter staff.  The get-’em-in get-’em-out – “wadda-u-want?” approach to customer service …

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Dec 03

Snail Mail Migration

“in the interests of economy, rain forest and time …… please cross us off your list”

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