Sao Paulo Line Drawing of Cathedral da Se Brazil

Religious Focal Point

It’s walking distance from Liberdade to the Cathedral da Se.  The great thing about Cathedrals is they make great landmarks.  Sao Paulo is a city full of high rises, and it’s difficult to get your bearings, but a spire is easy to spot – and when there’s two talls ones to head for, it makes it even easier.

All in all, this neo-gothic cathedral has 14 towers, and despite being in the middle of South America, I suddenly felt like I’d stepped back into Europe.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

You can tour the Cathedral, but instead I continued past and strolled around the pubic area in front of it in order to take some profile pictures of this beauty.

I only took a couple, because this area was filled with small groups of homeless, huddled on and under blankets, and I didn’t feel comfortable brandishing a camera.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

As well as the homeless, this area appeared to be Sao Paulo’s version of London’s “Speakers Corner”, with a noisy collection of locals on their soap boxes, shouting about goodness knows what.  In addition, there were a couple of small groups of locals on fold-away chairs being preached to by enthusiastic ministers.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

For such a religious focal point, I felt very uneasy, so I stowed my camera and high-tailed it out of there in search of the Mercado Municipal Market.