Chili Heat Chart

Summertime is Chutney-time

It’s bar-b-cue season again, and grills all over Los Angeles are sparking into life, and this is a perfect time to grill a load of red peppers and orange habaneros to make a batch of Jamie Oliver’s Cheeky Chili Pepper Chutney.

I went over to a friends house for a bar-b-cue last weekend, and took the opportunity of throwing red peppers and habanero chilis on the grill. Although Jamie’s recipe calls for milder chili peppers, I opted for the spicier habernaros instead.

For those of you not familiar with Habaneros – they’re 150X spicier than a bell pepper, and about 3x more fiery than the chili’s Jamie Oliver recommends.

When they were charred to perfection, I put them in a zip-lock bag to store overnight, and carried on with the evening’s social activities.

The next morning, when the foggy head had subsided, I retrieved the peppers from the fridge, and peeled them in preparation to make the first chutney batch of the new season.

The consequences of deviating from Jamie’s recipe:

Really Spicy, Really Cheeky Vindaloo-stylin’ Chutney

It probably didn’t help that I also added a dash or two of English Mustard Powder, and some Turkish Spicy Pul Biber to the mix, just for good measure.

Sometimes winging a recipe’s ingredients doesn’t turn out as desired.

The Solution?

I shopped at Whole-paycheck and bought a couple of jars of mild chutney:

  1. Mango Chutney, and
  2. Eggplant and Garlic Chutney

and used them to dilute my spicy offering.

It worked like a charm, and have created a Chutney that’s delicious and palatable. The fruity undertones of the Mango, have balanced out the Habanero fire, and I can attest that it goes with everything.

Tonight’s combination was Really Cheeky Chutney with a good old fashioned British Quiche.

Vegetarian quiche