Don’t you just love the internet!  What started out as a search to find a suitable Gumusluk photo to use as a basis for a Christmas card, turned into a colour theory lesson.

I followed the photo trail left by Patrickneil (at wikimedia commons), and what initially grabbed my attention was his photo of the ruins on Rabbit Island in Gumusluk.  But I was quickly distracted by two of his other photo’s:

Woody the Gnome outside London’s House’s of Parliament

– The inside of Turkey’s Parliament – the Grand National Assembly

Woody the Gnome made me smile, but what really caught my eye was the colour of the chairs in the Turkish Parliament. I’d just assumed they’d match the flag, and be red.  Instead – they were bright Orange – what a vibrant location to run the country from!

Obviously the colour of the chairs were chosen for a reason.  What does ORANGE signify?:

Flamboyant and Energetic,  Orange stimulates the emotions and the appetite.  It represents the changing seasons so in that sense it is a colour on the edge, the colour of change.

Orange demands attention, it’s mentally stimulating as well as sociable.  Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking, it’s good in any place you want lively and pulsating energy.

The inside of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly is vibrant and modern.  Turkey is a place on the edge – both geographically and figuratively, so the creator of the interior design and colour palette was (or still is) an innovator.

Let’s consider Woody the Gnome’s location – posing outside of the Houses of Parliament.  It was easy to visualize the interior design used inside UK’s houses of power… austere dark wood and green leather seats.

.. and the significance of  GREEN?:

Green is a restful colour with the same calming attributes as blue.  Time moves faster in a green room.  Green denotes balance, harmony and stability, and is the most restful colour for the human eye.  Dark green is associated with money, stability and endurance.

So, while the members of the Turkish goverment are passionately debating change, and trying to keep both their emotions and hunger pangs in check.  Our good old uk government are resting on their laurels, pleased that the time is flying by!