Nov 10

The colours of Autumn in Montclair

Changing of the Seasons

Growing up it wasn’t unusual to be blind to the beauty of the colours of autumn. They seasons came and went and after the novelty that was present in childhood faded, it was easy to just view the leaves falling to the ground as a sign that another cold winter was just around the corner.

Now that we’re living in an area of Turkey, there just seems to be two seasonal colours. Green and Brown. Green in the winter during the rainy season, and bone dry and brown landscape during the summer. So it was a refreshing change to see the changing of the seasons here in Montclair.

Montclair in autumn

I don’t recall seeing such a preponderance of red maples before, and it seemed like every house that caught my attention had one in their front yard.

Montclair in autumn

Even though the autumn signals the death of the leaves, the richness of the autumn colours give the landscape such a vibrant appearance. It’s as if nature is giving us just one last encore before it shuffles off the stage.

Montclair in autumn

If anymore yellow leaves fall into this families front yard, they may have trouble finding their car:

Montclair in autumn

I was easy to be in awe of the autumn colours, and even though I knew that winter (and the cold) was just around the corner, I was comforted in the knowledge that before the first snow fell – we’d have high-tailed it to California for some sunshine.

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