When I arrived at school for week 3 – Touche was outside the principals office.  I warned him that if he was late to Storytellers, he’d have to do the Chicken Dance – and then I promptly gave him a demo of my version. Touche’s hopes of remaining as unobtrusive as possible were dashed, as I clucked and flapped around the corridor – all within earshot of the principle.  I was on the receiving end of the evil-stink-eye from Touche – so I slunk away rebuked.

I was mentee-less for the first 10 minutes, but the pace of the session was such that Touche didn’t miss much.  We did the usual recount of the previous week’s activity, and then got down to creating some child friendly log lines as a group.

Try this link to generate your own log lines.

We split into our pairs, and gave guidance and direction to our mentee’s to develop their log line and expand it into 3 scenes.  Touche’s log line spilled onto his page with wild abandon – his story was set in Mario Land, his protagonist and friends were trying to escape – but were being stopped by the baddies, so they bought jalapeno pizza, and breathed dragon breath at them. No lack of creative juices in Touche!

He skipped quickly onto developing the first couple of scenes.  Scene 1 – setting and character introduction; Scene 2 – conflict and action; Scene 3 – resolution and lesson.  Scene 2 started to descend into a melee of hand to hand combat, but we ran out of time – and I was unable to steer Touche away from the battle scenes.  That will be next week’s challenge.

Chicken Dance Score:  Students 3 – Mentors 1 (only one student was late – the two others were voluntary additions)