Day of Rest

After a lazy start to the day, we headed over to the Bodrum Otogar to catch a dolmüş to Gümüşlük. The bus station was stifling and noisy, but we only had a 10 minutes wait for the next bus to leave.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

It went screeching along the straights and racing up the hills, accompanied by a bibbing horn and vocal driver, yelling “want a ride” at any pedestrian he overtook.

We took the main road out of Bodrum and drove through Gürcece, and then turned off towards Derekoy. This rural road was narrow and bumpy, and edged with an endless parade of olive groves.

Just after a large S-bend, we got a glimpse of a group of windmills on the hill in Peskimet, and then started to descend towards Gümüşlük bay.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide TurkeyWe hopped off the dolmüş and walked to the beach, past an long row of fish restaurants edging the marina.  When the restaurants ran out, the beach started.  It was a small, curved narrow beach, full of weekend visitors.

We plotted up on the first vacant loungers we found – and there we spent the rest of the day.  We were waited on by waiters from the nearest restaurant, and throughout of stay, we ordered a variety of drinks and meze.

The ocean was cordened off from boat traffic, and was perfect for snorkelling.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

We spent a perfect day, eating, snorkelling and watching the steady stream of pedestrians making their way over to Rabbit Island using the ruins of the ancient city as a pathway.


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