Bodrum Bar Street

Off down to bar street for dinner. We’d spotted Berk Balik restaurant when we were at dinner last night. A nice local restaurant at the far end of Bar Street. Fish, Fish and more Fish.

Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyAt first, local Turkish restaurants are a little daunting.  There’s no menu, and if you’re not familiar with the food, it’s a crap shoot on what to order.  But at Turkish restaurants, eating starts with a visual, not an intellectual experience.

The waiters will either bring you a Meze tray to choose your starters and side dishes, or you step into the kitchen and pick out the ones you want.  One thing that surprized me about Turkey – was the amount of bread they eat.  I assumed we’d be eating everything with pita or lavash bread, but instead it’s doughy white bread… careful, or else you’ll fill up on bread and meze.

At the same time that we chose our meze, we chose our fish.  The two most common fish on sales in most restaurants is Sea Bream and Sea Bass.  The Bream is a rounder fish, and Bass is thinner and longer.  Choose the size of your fish, based on your appetite – and they’ll charge you by weight.  I introduced Red to boiled calamari in oil and garlic… and he’s an avid fan of this meze now.

Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

From our table, we had a great view of Bodrum Castle, which was lit up for the evening. So after dinner we decided to take a closer look and explore the Marina area on the other side of the Castle.


Near the entrance to the Castle we bumped into Herodotus, the father of history.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

It was a full moon, and the temperature this time in the evening is perfect for strolling the pedestrain back streets of town, but this house hunting lark is pretty tiring, so we headed back to the hotel instead.

Nightcap anyone?