Expat Blog Carnival Logo by Roving JayI’m hosting an EXPAT BLOG CARNIVAL to feature all of the really great Expat blog content I encounter each month.

Why host a Carnival?

  • It’s a way to organize blog posts around specific topics, from different people’s perspective and points of view.
  • It’s a perfect way to recognize some of the great writing and stories that are featured on the expat blogs around the world.
  • It provides some extra exposure for your current or historical blog posts, and is a good way to generate some extra social media buzz.

How does the Carnival Work?

  • Each now an then I’ll collect Expat Blog content (either content I’ve found on the web, or has been submitted to me via the form below).
  • I’ll combine this content into a new Carnival post.
  • Each excerpt will include a link back to the author’s blog.

How Frequently is the Carnival Updated?

  • It started out as monthly, but now it’s on an ad hoc basis. But starting next year it’ll get back to monthly.

Am I eligible to submit content?

  • Whether you’re a current expat, a temporary expat, used to be an expat or are planning on becoming an expat – you can submit your Expat-related content for consideration.
  • Posts that include direct links to a sales or content download page are not eligible, likewise, any post that is overly promotional will not be eligible.
  • Blogs must be older than 3 months and have at least 8 posts in the archive.
  • Only one submission per month per blogger or blog will be included in any carnival edition.
  • Guest posts that appear on your blog or guest posts that you have written on another blog are permitted.

What type of content can I submit?

All types of Content are accepted as part of this Expat Blog Carnival:

  • Narratives, Informational articles, Lists, Interviews, Poems, Short Story or Novel excerpts, and even Photo Essays.

How to I submit my Blog Content?
In order to be considered for the next edition of the Expat Blog Carnival, you will need to provide the following:

As you’d like it to appear in the Blog Carnival Email won’t be published, this is just so I can contact you The same title that appears on your blog post This is the content which will appear as your entry in the current edition of the Blog Carnival. (If your entry is a photo essay.. please enter the source url of the image you’d like me to feature. Please leave any questions of comments for me here…. DON’T FORGET TO TYPE THE TWO WORDS IN THE BOX ABOVE. Sending


Link Exchange




It isn’t mandatory, but it’d be greatly appreciated if you add a link back to Expat Blog Carnival within your post once your article link appears in an a Blog Carnival.



Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts!

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