Not a Draw Bridge – but it draws you to it

The Galata Bridge has magical magnetic powers.  After spending 5 days in Istanbul, I lost count of the number of times we ended up walking near or across this bridge.  It’s the main pedestrian artery between the two sides of European Istanbul – linking old and new parts of the city into one multi-dimentional experience.

As well as walking slowly over the bridge numerous times, our metro journeys whisked up over it quickly. We even had a cab trip over it, returning from a night of revelry on French Street. Not to mention the times we traveled under it, on a cruise up the Bosphorus, and a ferry across to the Asian side of the city.

Galata Bridge Istanbul Turkey Fisherman in Yellow Tee shirt

The Bridge is always a hive of activity.  While the fisherman try their luck from the upper deck, tourists and locals savour the view from the lower deck, which is crammed with restaurants, bars and cafes to slow your journey down.

Galata Bridge Istanbul Turkey Black & White Photo tinted

Sat there, with a chilled bottle of Efes Pilsen, I could quite happily watch the dance of the vessels on the water for hours.  This boat ballet on water, was accompanied by a symphony of horns – all that’s missing is the rest of the orchestra.

Whether you are visiting Istanbul for a day or a week – you’ll cross it’s path.  Or it’ll cross yours.

Galata Bridge black and white with yellow highlights Turkey Istanbul

Walk over it; on it; and travel under it (this photo was taken from under the bridge.).  It’s a new friend you’ll fall in love with, and even when you walk away – you’ll keep looking back for just one more glimpse.

Luckily there are a number of sights in the area, that mean you have an excuse to visit it often.  Two of my local favourites are The Spice Market and The Galata Tower – both within walking distance.