Lunch in Yalikavak

After putting the first property on the short list, we jumped back in the car and drove the 7km to Yalikavak.  Time for lunch.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

Evren took us to sidewalk cafe, where Red and I enjoyed a tasty lunch and good conversation.  Evren declined any food, as he was fasting for Ramadan.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

He’s an interesting fellow.  Before he started his property career, he was a tour guide for the area, and has a lot of local knowledge.  We spent lunchtime finding out the pro’s and con’s of the different towns and villages in the area.  As it was only our 2nd day in the neighbourhood – this is invaluable.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

After lunch we strolled down to the harbour, and inhaled the views, and solidified our decision to buy in the vicinity.  Back in the car to our next viewing with loaded expectations.

Looking Good baby! 

We were brimming with excitement.  This complex was one I’d been monitoring for over 6 months, we’d seen houses come and go off the market, but this little beauty was still available.  From the main road, we drove down to the bottom of the hill to the sea, and parked in front of the house. Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

This complex has such possibilities, because the units can be split in two, and there are so many balconies and terraces and even a roof deck.  This house was special because it had unobstructed views of the ocean.

This location was definitely living up to my expectations and filled some deep-seated carnal desire I’d been harbouring. There were no buildings in front to obstruct our view, and the only houses in front of us were the luxury houses right on the coastline.Yalikavak House Hunting Turkey

This house the last house on the complex, a corner unit with nothing to the left of it.   After touring the larger 2-bedroom unit upstairs, and stepping onto every possible balcony to enjoy the views, we headed down to the ground floor studio apartment.House Hunting in Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Even though the whole house had been renovated, and the views were the best yet, we discovered why this little beauty was still on the market.

The downside of living at the bottom of the hill?  Rain water runs downhill, and the houses at the bottom of the hill get damp!

The studio apartment was a victim of this affliction, and the new kitchen was warped so much than none of the doors or drawers opened or closed correctly.  This wasn’t something we wanted to have as our first job in a new home, and weren’t sure there was a way to stop it happening again and again.

So with heavy heart, we walked away.

Next Stop Gündoğan

Last stop on the tour, a couple of miles west of Yalikavak, to Gündoğan.  

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

This house was a little cutie, and had a nice view from the roof top deck, and was close to the main road and within easy walking distance to the nearest dolmus route.  It was an end unit, with a mature olive tree in the garden, and the neighbours garden was well tended.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

We toured the inside of the house, but for some reason this little house didn’t really resonate with us.

House buying is definitely an emotion-based process. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this last house of the day, but it just didn’t move us.

But all in all, House Hunt day 1 was a success.