Minds a-buzz with Tuz..

Up at 2am – too amped to sleep, plus it was so hot, and the air conditioning unit was so noisy.  We went to the hotel reception, kicked the receptionist off the internet and trawled for possible houses in Tuzla for a couple of hours, before heading back to bed for house hunting dreams.  We weren’t sure about Tuzla as a location to buy in, but it was worth a look.  

Day 2 – bring it on!

When we got up the second time, it was time to head off to Tuzla for our second day of house hunting.  We headed off from Bodrum, along the same road that leads to Bodrum Airport, but turned off and headed towards Boğaziçi, driving through the Tuzla wetlands. 

We passed a house that was definately in need of renovation, but it had a great location and ventilation!

House Hunting in Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyAlong the way, Evren put his tour guide hat on again, and shared the history of the area, and we stopped off to look at some ruins.  I felt like he was not just trying to sell us a house, but also sell us on Turkey, and all it’s rich history.

Tuzla house hunting TurkeyFirst Taste of Tuzla

In Tuzla there are a lot of new developments, and not a lot of infrastructure. But give this area a couple of years, and the location could be golden.  Plus it was in close proximity to the new golf course development near Tuzla Lake. 

We weren’t fans of the brick cladding on the first house, it reminded us of a Jack and Vera’s coronation street house, but it was beautifully situated.

House Hunting in Tuzla Lake Turkey

From the front of the house, there were sweeping coastal views, with a tiny island and some local fishing net contraptions that were part of the local fish farms.

Tuzla House Hunting Bodrum Turkey

The complex was a fairly new development, and although there were a lot of house already completed, there were also a vast amount of houses still under construction.  

We wandered around the bluff, for a birds eye view of the private beach area.

Tuzla House Hunting Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Second bite of Tuzla 

The next little house we saw was quite cute.  Yellow and White with a nice view of the beach, but the view at the back of the house was a bit off putting.  This photo is from the roof deck our the house we were viewing, looking back at the sad house behind. 

Tuzla House Hunting Bodrum Turkey It was a partially built, forlorn looking house, sitting amongst the builders rubble. The builders were cramming these houses, one on top of the others. We carried on looking around the complex, but Red and I continued with a non-verbal silent exchange – we were on the same page. I’m sure this area will be fully developed in a couple of years, but there’s no guarantee all of these shells will be completed any time soon.

Tuzla House Hunting Turkey

We walked down to the beach for a closer look, but had already made up our mind that we weren’t interested in this area.  But we sat and accepted the developers hospitality, and downed a couple of Turkish coffees as we admired the views.

House Hunting in Tuzla Turkey

It had been a bit of a hike out here to Tuzla Lake – but it was good to visit, just to cross it off the list.

We got back to Bodrum about 3pm, and hightailed it over to Halikarnas beach for some R&R.  Day off from House Hunting tomorrow.