Dog Sitting Locally

Although we’re registered on with a couple of house sitting sites, we still manage to pick up local assignments through word of mouth. As we’re new to this area, it’s great to get the opportunity to move to a different part of the neighbourhood to see it from a different perspective. Especially when the views from the house look like this.

View from our House Sit in Gumusluk

Sometimes I miss not having a dog, because it’s a really good incentive to go for a brisk walk and do a bit of exploring at the same time. But there are so many street dogs here, that even when I go for a dog-less hike, we usually manage to pick up a companion for part of the hike.

But it was a welcome change to have two short-term hiking buddies to explore with.

Hiking to “Cheese Rock” in Derekoy

Hiking to Cheese Rock Derekoy

Can you spot the dog in this picture?

Hiking to Cheese Rock Derekoy

Nurse Jay to the rescue

A couple of days before we were due to start our house sit (in March 2016), one of the dogs had been attacked by another dog, so my time there was spent nursing Tilki (Turkish for fox) back to health.

She wasn’t too keen to be seen in the “cone of shame”, but she made a speedy recovery, and our last few days together were cone-free.

Tilki in the cone of shame while dog sitting in Turkey

Tilki in her cone

I made sure to send photo of both dogs to their owner while she was travelling, and I caught Sari just right on one of them!

Tilki and Sari at home in their neighbourhood

Sari hamming it up for the camera!

Want to know something funny! Sari is actually Tilki’s pup! Mother and daughter liked nothing better than running riot around the neighbourhood. I for one can’t spot the family resemblance.

Tilki and Sari at home in their neighbourhood

It’s always difficult leaving pets when you’ve made a connection with them (even if it is cupboard love!), but it’s goods not know that these two are just around the corner, and I’ll be seeing them again on another local hike before too long.