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Welcome to my House Sitting Homepage, which includes links to all of my house sitting pages and articles.

This is a useful starting point if you want to find out about us as house sitters, or are looking to become a house sitter yourself. It also includes helpful links to home owners who are looking into engaging a house sitter.

It’s basically all of our house sitting information in one place. 

Click on any of the links on the right to find out more information about us as House Sitters. You can view our profile, our references, and see a summary of our skills and abilities.

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Our House Sitting Assignments

This collection of articles was written during our various house sitting assignments. We’ve looked after houses, cats and dogs and write about our house sitting adventures here. These articles aren’t just about the ins and outs of being a house sitter, they includes observations about the process, as well as the new neighborhoods we get to discover.


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Tony and Mahrukh

Tony and Mahrukh house sat our property in the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula between Gümüşlük and Yalıkavak. They’re an British and Australian couple, of no fixed abode who blogged about their time as house sitters on my Bodrum Travel Website.

As well as our experience as house sitters, we’ve also seen the house sitting process from the other angle. We’re home owners who have had house sitters looking after our home in Turkey, so know from experience how nerve wracking it can be to have a stranger looking after your home for the first time. This experience of seeing the house sitting process from both angles, really helps us to be more empathetic house sitters.

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What is House Sitting?

Not sure what house sitting is all about?Read this article to see what’s in it for the House Sitter and Home Owner.

Who pays Utilities during a House Sit?

Every single house sitting assignment is unique, but this article includes some guidelines to help during the house sitting negotiation process.

5 House Sitter Questions answered by The House Sitting Couple

There’s a few house sitter questions that nearly always get asked of this house sitting couple. In this guest post provided by James from The House Sitting Couple, they give a run down of what those five frequently asked questions are.


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5 Steps to House Sitting Membership

A summary of 5 steps you’ll need to complete to sign up for a House Sitting Listing Service, and tips on how to be proactive in your search for a house sitting assignment.

20 Questions to ask before you begin your Pet Sitting Assignment

Before you begin your house sitting assignment, take the time to ensure you’re prepared and informed enough about the needs and welfare of any pets in your charge.

Top 5 ways for finding a House Sit assignment

A summary for the 5 main ways to find your ideal House Sitting assignment. If you’re a new House Sitter, this list will provide an introduction on where to start your search.

Article Round Up about becoming an House Sitter

Round up of articles from House Sitters. Learn from other people’s experience. 

Trusted House Sitters


3 Month and Annual Plans, as well as a combo House Sitter/Home Owner plan available.

Andy & Rachel discovered house sitting in Spain and realized a need for a comprehensive website for home / pet owners and sitters. In October 2010 they launched website!


House Carers


Free listing service for Home Owners. Annual membership for House Sitters.

House Carers are a worldwide house sitting directory based in Newcastle Australia that started matching Homeowners with House Sitters in October 2000.


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E-books about House Sitting

If you’re new to House Sitting, this collection of ebooks provides you with a collection of tips and reference materials to get you started on your path to being a busy house sitter.

(If you’ve published a book about house sitting .. post a link in the comments box at the bottom of the page)

House Sitting Course on Udemy

If you like learning by watching rather than reading, this Udemy House Sitting course could be for you. It’s a collection of 67 short instructional videos about the entire end-to-end House Sitting process. Watch from beginning to end, or jump about to the sections that you’re most interested in. 

Some of the lectures have accompanying worksheets or supporting documents to download.

Udemy House Sitting Course