Arteries pulsing with life

The Bosphorus and Golden Horn keep Istanbul alive, and both personify its vigor.  If Istanbul is the body, with the framework of ancient monuments as it’s bones – the Bosphorus and Golden Horn are the main arteries that keep the energy of the City pumping.

No matter where it started or ended, our day always included a trip; over the water; on the water; or along the water’s edge.  The waters magnetic pull was unavoidable.  It was at the bottom of every hill we hiked; around every corner we ventured; and part of the vista from every vantage point.

When you visit Istanbul, no matter how hard you fight it – eventually the Bosphorus and Golden Horn will pull you into its wake, and your body and spirit will naturally fall in synch with the City’s ebb and flow.

During our recent trip we took 3 Boat Trips:

  1. Day Trip to Büyükada, Prince’s Island
  2. Quick jaunt to Üsküdar, on Istanbul’s Asian side
  3. Turyol Bosphorous Cruise as far as the Bosphorus Bridge
  4. Multiple ambles across and a few stops on, the Galata Bridge

(Active links will be added to these 4 lines when I write my related blog posts.)

Note:  The Bosphorus is also known as the Istanbul Strait (it is referred to as İstanbul Boğazı on Ferry sites)