Movie Squabbler by Josh LevineGuest Article from Josh the Movie Squabbler

Last year Josh wrote three blog posts for me that covered the 10 Best Movies for 2013, Worst Movies for 2013 and Obscure Gems. He’s a movie hound and he’s my go-to reference for what’s hot and what’s not in Hollywood. We don’t always agree, but he always has an opinion … and I’m pleased he’s sharing it again with us this year.

Movie Post for The Interview with Seth RoganOver the next couple of weeks i’ll be share his 10 Best Movies and 5 Worst Movies of 2014 .. and we’re kicking of Josh’s own content trilogy with some special mention movies.


The Interview

Another fairly ridiculous and somewhat funny movie from the Seth Rogen school of comedy. If you like Pineapple Express or This is the End, you will find this pretty amusing. If not, you will hate it. However, you should rent or buy this movie no matter what just to see the stupidity that kicked off an international incident and shut my company all the way down.

I mean, damn Seth Rogen is not that ambitious and this movie is not worth the hassle. I promise you. James Franco plays a vapid TV host and Seth Rogen is his semi-serious producer. When the CIA finds out the Kim Jung-Un is a fan of Franco’s they try to get them in shape to do a TV interview and take him out. Anyway, it’s not about the movie here, it’s about “AMERICA, F*** YEAH!”

(** This is one special movie that Sony Pictures, Josh and I aren’t going to forget in a hurry!)



Snowpiercer is a super cool indie that for some reason never got the exposure it deserved. It’s a smart, thrilling high concept action movie with a solid cast and great direction. It stars Captain America Chris Evans in a post-apocalyptic movie where all of the survivors are on a huge bullet train circumventing the globe.

The train is organized by class and of course Evans and his band of heroes are the lowest class trying to overthrow the corrupt people in power at the front of the train. Like The Raid, it’s a simple one-location concept – get to the front of the train through massive ultraviolence. However, it’s slick, fun, and just a little deeper than most of the summer comic book fare.


A great, intense drama that hasn’t found much box office success but is definitely worth finding. Miles Teller stars as a super talented and obsessive jazz drummer at the best music school around and J.K. Simmons is the over-bearing teacher with a cruel, demanding style who pushes Teller to the brink.

Simmons is powerful, demeaning and abusive and is sure to get an Oscar nom in the role of his career. While he is getting most of the buzz because his role is written in a much flashier style, Teller is equally as impressive in his ability to match his intensity. This movie is full of style and flair and goes in unique directions that will defy your expectations.