LA Screening

Red and I went to a Screening in LA on a topic that was close to our heart. It’s Hollywood, and there’s always a screening going on somewhere in town – but this one was special. It was for the Wireless Generation, a documentary created by Drew and Christine Gilbert from Almost Fearless.

Drew is an animator with a degree in Animation/Media Arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and has been telling stories with video and animation online over the past sixteen years. Christine is a writer and photographer whose work has been seen in BBC Travel, Esquire, Rough Guides, and Lonely Planet. They’ve been working online and traveling the world together since 2008. In 2010 they had a baby, kept traveling, and their son now been to more countries as a toddler, than Drew and Christine visited by age 30.  They now have a second child, a little girl, who was born in Mexico has dual citizenship.

Wireless Generation Stats

Here’s some interesting stats I grabbed from their Wireless Generation trailer:

The Wireless Generation Stats

The Wireless Generation Stats The Wireless Generation Stats


With so many jobs compatible with working remotely – why aren’t more companies offering it? Some companies do. But yet more have offered it and taken this flexibility away from their employees.

The Screening was hosted at the Dick Clark Screening Rooms in West LA and hosted by Drew, but Christine was absent, she’s off traveling around Turkey with the kids! If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to pack up your bags and do whatever you do from another part of the world. This could be just what the You Tube Doctor ordered:

The Wireless Generation Video





For more information about Drew and Christine, their travels and their film:




Are you part of the Wireless Generation?