Cancer AwarenessMorning: Work

Up early full of the joys of house buying!  Time to buy a house in Turkey.

We were meant to be going out on a Boat trip for the day, but really couldn’t concentrate on it, so we decided to stay on terra firma and start the contract signing business.

We got to Sunshine’s office about 10.30am, and Nesrin called the seller to start the process. Hit the first bump in the road. We were dealing with the daughter who lives in the Netherlands, and her Tapu is in her mothers name, who’s in hospital in Germany. In order to move forward, we need the mother to give the daughter, Power of Attorney so she can sign the contract on her mothers behalf.

Doubt and alarm bells started to jingle in the pit of our stomach, but optimism seemed to be the flavour of the day, so we pushed the doubt aside and ploughed ahead regardless.

We’d hoped to sign the contract today, but this delay reset our expectations. But it’s only a small speed bump, and as long as we can finish the buying process before we leave Bodrum next Wednesday, we’ll be fine.

We’ll just have to be patient!

The daughter accepted our terms of 1% today, 9% on Wednesday and 90% within a month.  Red went off to the post office to exchange some $ for YTL.  The 1% will be held in escrow by Sunshine.  Wow!  we’ve just made an offer to buy a house in Turkey.

Afternoon: Play

We decided we needed a little respite from the heat of Bodrum and the Power of Attorney stresses, so headed to the dolmus station.  We didn’t really have a destination in mind, but really just wanted somewhere close by.  At the dolmus station the next departure was for Torba, and as that’s close by, we headed there.  It only took about 15 minutes, and then we settled down on a wooden jetty; reclined on big cushions and had some lunch.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey

The water was really deep, and the perfect temperature.  It was a perfect afternoon for a lazy “beach” day.  There was a cool breeze blowing across the bay, and hardly any other tourists around.Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide

We paid our 2YTL to get the Dolmus back to Bodrum, and then went off to Mehmet, the solicitor, to discuss the contract. Love the Turkish process — a house buying contract was 2 sides of A4 paper!

Berk for dinner again

It’s been a busy, hot day – so home for a nap, before going out to Berk Balik for fish dinner. Red has discovered the joys of Boiled Octopus. It turns red when boiled, and is served with olive oil and garlic, and is so soft and tender. The first time I ordered it, I think he thought I was crazy. But now he’s a big fan of it. And this restaurant, certainly cooks it well.

Bodrum Bar Street Turkey

Here’s the restaurant details:
Berk Balik — Bar Street, Bodrum