When did the new road signs appear in the Gümüşlük area?

It’s been over a year since we visited our house, and we got a nice surprise when we arrived. We now know where we live!

When we bought the house it had a bright blue number painted, graffiti style, on the side of it. This referred to the plot number, not the house number, and we had no street name.

Maybe not unusual for a new complex, but our complex was well established – so we assumed it was just too rural or remote to warrant a street name.

When we arrived for our recent visit – I noticed our house has a plaque on it. Our new house number is proudly displayed, and we have a shiney new street sign at the end of our road.

These new Gumusluk signs have popped up everywhere, and these are going to make giving directions to visitors, a whole lot easier.