Jun 06

New Road Signs in the Gümüşlük area

When did the new road signs appear in the Gümüşlük area?

It’s been over a year since we visited our house, and we got a nice surprise when we arrived. We now know where we live!

When we bought the house it had a bright blue number painted, graffiti style, on the side of it. This referred to the plot number, not the house number, and we had no street name.

Maybe not unusual for a new complex, but our complex was well established – so we assumed it was just too rural or remote to warrant a street name.

When we arrived for our recent visit – I noticed our house has a plaque on it. Our new house number is proudly displayed, and we have a shiney new street sign at the end of our road.

These new Gumusluk signs have popped up everywhere, and these are going to make giving directions to visitors, a whole lot easier.


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  1. Claudette Seniz

    Hello, Just discovered your blogs. I so enjoyed reading your adventure of purchasing in Turkey. My husband and I will be in the Bodrum area in September to possibly look at properties. I am curious where did you end up buying? The reason I am asking we are interested in Gumsan because of the nice beach lido and the small marina. Your blog adventure indicated you had looked at the site but it was not for you. Our main criteria is water access and maybe a place to put a small boat. Do you know the area well any suggestions? This would be part time (post retirement) home to visit. By the way my husband is Turkish so it certainly makes life easier i.e. language. We just just are not as familiar with the region we usually stay in Yalikavak with friends but really liked the Gumusluk area when we visited. Hope I did not overwhelm you with all my questions. Thank you in advance! Claudette

    1. Roving Jay

      We liked Guman, but the houses weren’t quite what we were looking for, but we ended up buying in the neighbourhood, because that part of the peninsula grabbed us by the heartstrings! I’ll email you with details…. Jay

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