England is synonymous with rain.  It’s the reason I left.  That – and the cold.  Living in LA is appealing because of the sunshine – but it isn’t complete Nirvana.  We do get 2 weeks of rain a year – and at the moment, we’re experiencing one of those weeks.  It’s such a novelty, that when I went to brunch on Sunday – I photographed the anomaly.

In LA, as long as you’re not driving in it, the rain is bearable. Californian’s can’t drive in the rain – they get brake-happy.  But Californian’s can spot an opportunity.

I went to my local Whole Paycheck – and was met at the door with a display of narrow plastic bags.  Which were Plastic Mac’s for your brolly while you carry it around the store.

I’m in two minds on the purpose.  My first thought was: God Bless America — always thinking of the Customer comforts.  This thought was quickly followed by: This is America – sue capital of the world! The store is worried that the floors will get wet and slippery, and somebody will fall over and file a claim.

Wonder if these bags have made it to the UK yet!