Jan 02

Nature and Nurture in Norfolk

That very same countryside that drove me to the City in search of my fortune, draws me back in. Nature & Nurture collide during our morning walks

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Dec 17

Soho Days and Oxford Street Stroll

Refuel at the Soho Hotel I was only staying in London for 2 days, and one of those was spent sequestered in a meeting room adjacent to the Refuel Restaurant at the Soho Hotel.  This cosmopolitan hotel, tucked just off Dean Street, showed no sight of being impacted by the troubled British economy. I arrived …

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Dec 14

Review: Perking the Pansies – the Book

Whereas Jack’s Pansy blog is a frantic knee-trembler with Tabitha the Tart, Jack’s book is a post-coital embrace that lingers ’til dawn.

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Dec 11

My entry for Photo Roulette Round #32

My entry for the Love round of Photo Roulette was taken in Norfolk, England. This Mute Swan had been diving below the water to feed, and then swimming around with it’s feathers all fluffed up to dry in the sun. As a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, he’s cruising a local river in Norfolk England, looking for a mate.

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Dec 10

Black Cabs and Chrismas Lights in London

I always look forward to my London-arrival black cab rides. It’s a great way to ease myself back into the familiarity of my old stomping ground, and to see if I can pass for a local — after all these years in the States. I usually get sussed!

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Dec 05

Packing for my Trip

What happened to just worrying about what clothes to take, and remembering your passport? In order to stay connected don’t forget the Lead.

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Dec 03

My entry for Photo Roulette Round #31

My entry for Round 31 of Photo Roulette. This week the theme is Music.

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Dec 02

Why I like Tag Clouds

Online, where web users are inundated with information, and web pages are scanned for pertinent topics rather than read word-for-word — Tag Clouds have a valuable role to play.

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Sep 15

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines Launch Party

Content is King When I started my blogs, I naively assumed it was mostly about writing content, because I heard that “Content is King”. But King Content also needs a Queen, as well as Coutiers and a kingdom full of subjects to be effective.  There’s no point writing amazing content, if there’s nobody in your court to appreciate it. Royalty in Motion There’s an …

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Sep 02

Blogging in Pajamas

What’s in a name? Pajamas.  PJ’s. Jammie’s, Jim-Jams.  There’s many names for those comfy lounge pants, and when you look for a dictionary, you’ll come across the original Asian, and modern European definitions: Loose-fitting trousers, usually of silk or cotton, worn by both sexes in the Orient. Night clothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and jacket. …

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Aug 19

Capture the moment for prosperity

Cashing in Living in America, you get used to the optimization of the commercial opportunities at the local tourist attractions. Ride a scary roller coaster at Magic Mountain and they’ll snap your grimace of fear, just as the car hurtles down a steep decline.  When you get off the ride, still high on adrenaline, you eagerly hand over a fist …

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Aug 15

I was a cigar toking Brownie Sprite

If anyone wonders why women carry so much in their handbags – blame it on Brownies Brainwashing. From day one we’re taught about the importance of filling our pickets with the essentials. Later in life, we evolve from pockets to handbags.

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Jul 31

Channeling my inner ballerina

Each session I’ve attended Pop Physique it’s the same — I pliè, dip and tuck until my calves quiver and collapse in defeat, and wonder if I’ll ever get the flexibility to kiss my own ankles. Maybe if I’d made a different set of decisions at 7, I’d be one step closer to dancing The Nutcracker Suite.

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Jul 02

Sombody copied my content but didn’t link back to me

You’ve copyscaped your site and found that other websites are using your content. What can you do? Link-backs: Link-backs are a great SEO tool.  If somebody is using your content, you may as well get some benefit out of it: Contact the site and ask them to provide a link back to your site, and …

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Jun 29

Who has copied your site content?

I’m flattered when other web sites copy snippets of my content, as long as they provide a link back to my source page. But how do you check?

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Jun 23


XHTML and CSS are the next generation HTML, they were developed to separate structure from content.

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Jun 21

Istanbul’s Bosphorus and Golden Horn are the life blood of the city

Of all the memories of my recent Istanbul trip, The Bosphorus and Golden Horn will linger the most. These waterways personify the energy of the city.

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Jun 19

Image File Size Tips for your Website Photo’s

Optimise your Image files for your Website Here’s some tips to keep your website load time optimised.  Let’s face it – you’ll lose site visitors if they have to wait for large photo files to load – and nobody has the patience for that.  So it’s important to compress them to an optimal level, and …

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Jun 10

The power of Bodrum Sign Posts

High SEO for Bodrum Sign Posts on my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide site

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Jun 06

New Road Signs in the Gümüşlük area

When did the new road signs appear in the Gümüşlük area? It’s been over a year since we visited our house, and we got a nice surprise when we arrived. We now know where we live! When we bought the house it had a bright blue number painted, graffiti style, on the side of it. …

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May 31

Turyol Bosphorus Tour & Traditional Ferry Service, Istanbul

The Turyol Ferry Service is an alternative to the IDO city ferry service, and runs more of less along the same routes – but their ferries are more modern, and their service, more frequent, as well as faster.

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May 30

IDO Public Bosphorus Tour & Traditional Ferry Service, Istanbul

Şehir Hatlari’s have four different ferry route services operating on the Bosphorus, Istanbul. Find out more details of their Bosphorus Line, Golden Horn Line, Prince’s Island Line and Europe-Asia Conenction Lines.

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May 23

Writing Travel Itineraries for money

You may be the most ardent Independent traveller, but have neither the time nor inclination to invest in pre-travel research and would prefer to take the easy route by purchasing a self-guided tour itinerary from unanchor.com

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May 22

My Fortune Cookie: You will step foot on many foreign lands

Istanbul Travel Guide review and summary. The 4 books I bought before I visited Istanbul for the first time.

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May 13

HTML Generator site

I love this HTML site… I use it which formatting my Wordpress Blog.

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Apr 16

Back in the Creative Saddle again

Not only did Touche enhance his plot and dialogue with the skills of a professional storyteller, he played to role of a very vocal grammar and spellchecker!

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Mar 31

Overcoat for your umbrella

England is synonymous with rain.  It’s the reason I left.  That – and the cold.  Living in LA is appealing because of the sunshine – but it isn’t complete Nirvana.  We do get 2 weeks of rain a year – and at the moment, we’re experiencing one of those weeks.  It’s such a novelty, that …

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Mar 19

Slinking out the back door

For week 4 – Last week I was “won” in a notebook raffle, and this week I nearly went home with a booby prize. Each week upon arrival, Mentors have to sign the visitor book.  This week, I wasn’t paying attention, and signed my name in the “parent picking up child” section – I made …

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Mar 17

Consumerism 101: St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S.

One of life’s mysteries of being an Expat in America, is the fervant celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!  On March 17th every year, anyone who has ever been within 500 yards of a pint glass with a Guinness logo on it – anoints themselves with Irish heritage – and jumps feet first into celebrating their Patron Saint Day. Even though . …

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Mar 14

Blogging in southwest Turkey: The tales that wag the blogs

Foreign bloggers share their amusing and poignant thoughts, tongue-in-cheek observations and tales of personal experiences of the country they call home

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