Meet Jack Scott

If you’re an avid Pansy fan, like me, this year you’ve watched Jack Scott evolve.


His metamorphosis from an anonymous pansy logo, to a monochrome rendition, to a colourful but incomplete puzzle, had nowhere else to go but – fully exposed!  And today, visitors to his daily blog, Perking the Pansies, are greeted with a full-colour photograph of Jack gazing wistfully into the distance.

So although he had finally revealed himself – he’d yet to look us in the eye.

Until now!

It doesn’t get any more in your face than penning a personal memoir of a journey into the unknown with the one you love.  In Jack’s case, that’s his move from cosmopolitan London to Ignorati-laden Turkey, with his civil partner – Liam.

Book Cover of Perking the Pansies by Jack ScottStory time with Jack

When I settled in to read “Perking the Pansies” – the book, I didn’t just plonk myself down and fire up my iPad to read my advance copy.  I donned snugly clothes.  Plumped up the cushions.  Turned off the phone.  Poured a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio, and settled in for the duration.  I was anticipating an Event, and I got it.

Raising the Bar

As an expat myself, I devour Expat Memoirs with predictable frequency.  I love reading about far-flung adventures, where brave souls step into the unknown; throw caution to the wind; and expose themselves to ridicule, by writing about it for all to observe and critique.

Over the years, I’ve read a few clunkers.  The worst offenders are those that stitch together a patchwork quilt of blog posts, with a rusty needle and mismatched thread.  It’s easy to capture a blog reader’s attention for a couple of paragraphs, but it takes an author to lead us through chapters that ignite our imagination.

Evolution of Jack Scott

Not only has Jack’s avatar evolved, so has his writing style.

“Perking the Pansies” – the book, isn’t just Jack’s blog on steroids.  Yes there’s the familiarity of  Jack-the-Blog peppered in this tome, but he takes us on a effortless journey of one well written chapter after another.  There’s nothing patchwork here.  Instead, Jack delivers a well thought out, well developed literary expedition, that left me glowing with admiration at his transition from random blogger to eloquent author.  I can’t heap any more praise on Jack and “Perking the Pansies” – the book, without gushing.

And we Brits don’t gush!

Top 5 Metaphors

For those of you who follow my Bodrum Travel Blog, you know I have a penchant for Top 5 lists, so in honour of the launch of Jack’s first book, I’ve put together a Top 5 list of metaphors to describe my comparison of “Perking the Pansies” the Blog to “Perking the Pansies” the Book:

Top 5 Metaphors:  Blog vs Book:

  1. Whereas Jack’s blog is tipsy small-talk, over cheap warm plonk and soggy canapes; Jack’s book is a candle-light dinner, and a heart-to-heart with a trusted confidant
  2. Whereas Jack’s blog is a endless bucket of salty popcorn you absent-mindedly snack on between meals; Jack’s book is a dark chocolate truffle you roll on your tongue, to prolong the experience
  3. Whereas Jack’s blog is face-puckering tequila, a suck on a lemon and lick of salt; Jack’s book is a full bodied Bordeaux, maturing and breathing in a crystal cut goblet
  4. Whereas Jack’s blog is a frantic knee-trembler with Tabitha the Tart, Jack’s book is a post-coital embrace that lingers ’til dawn
  5. Whereas Jack’s blog is an erratic spin on a dodgem carousel, Jack’s book is a memorable limo ride with leather-clad seats

Big thanks to Jack for a great chauffeured journey through his Pansy field.

Climb aboard, your own journey awaits…. 

You can read a sneak peak of Perking the Pansies on his Jack Scott Info site

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