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Public Ferry and Tours

Istanbul Şehir Hatları Co. Inc. operates on 14 lines with 34 conventional ferries and serves 45 points in Istanbul. It’s a public ferry service and is part of IDO (Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri AŞ).

Map of Ferry Routes

There are 4 different Ferry Lines services which operate from Instanbul, and as you’ll see from the map below, some of the routes overlap:

Ferry map Overview

Ferry map Overview 2

1. Merkez & Halic Lines: Inner Istanbul (Europe Asia Connection)

This is the heart of of the Commuter service which runs a frequent service between the Asia and European sides of Istanbul (Merkez Line) and the Golden Horn Line (Halic).

Inner Istanbul Timetables:

Ferry Inner Istanbul Public Ferry Turkey

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Kadikoy Kabatas Logo Istanbul Turkey

2. Bogaz Line: Bosphorus Line (BLUE)

Ferry Map for Bogaz Line Istanbul Turkey

There are two different services which run along the Bosphorus Line, the Commuter Line and the Tour Line. This Tour Line is a cheaper alternative to the more costly private Bosphorus Tour Lines. Although there is no guide on-board providing a narrative of the journey, you can rent audio guides for both the long and short tour.

Bosphorus Commuter Line Timetable:

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Bosphorus Tour Line Timetable:

City Lines Istanbul Short Long Bosphorus Cruise Map Turkey

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Electronic Guides Bosphorus Tour Istanbul Turkey

3. Adalar Line: Princes’ Island Line (ORANGE)

IDO travel to 4 of the Princes’ Islands, the biggest of which is Buyukada (Big Island), all located in the Sea of Marmara.

Ferry Map for Adalar Line Istanbul Turkey

Princes’ Island Timetable:

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Princes Island Ferry Istanbul Turkey

Travelers Tips

TRADITIONAL FERRIES.  The Older, slender white ferries on the Şehir Hatları (City Routes) depart from the East (Bosphorus) side of the Galata Bridge.

  • Here’s a route map from Turkey Travel Planner. They’re operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 

An alternative to these IDO ferries are the Turyol Line ferries, which run the same routes.



All photos and images sourced from the IDO website