IMG_3742Mix and Match Fashion DesignerFashion Artist Mix and Match

For my 11th Birthday I was very excited to receive “Fashion Artist Mix and Match”.

Back then, I spent hours of fun and enjoyment, as my inner diva created fashions fit for the runway. The kit came with 2 plastic templates for drawing shapes to colour in, or for using to trace and cut shapes out of the decorative paper included in the kit.

Truth be told I’d forgotten all about it, until I cleared out the attic a couple of months. During my rummage, I not only found the box, instructions, templates and coloured paper; I also found a stack of my original designs.

I have no idea why I touted this childhood memory from pillar to post until my late 20’s, and then left it to fester in the attic for another 20 years, but I had a good old trip down memory lane as I relived my foray into fashion design.

Finally, after many decades … this fashion prodigy has her moment in the spotlight:

Roving Jay’s Runway Show

I’ve grouped these masterpieces into different collections, and I think you’ll agree, the fashion world is missing a potential icon!!

Working Girl Collection

The show starts off with a conservative stream of corporate wear, consisting of high necks and minimal amount of skin showing.

And then we transition into a collection fit for another type of Working Girl!

Beach Collection

Obviously my models we a little bit too skinny for their swimwear .. but at least the itsybitsyteenyweenie bikini seems to fit ok.

’70’s Stage Wear

My inspiration for this collection was the BBC’s Top of the Pops. This was the era of Roy Wood, Slade and Alvin Stardust.

Sports & Leisure Wear Collection

Jump suits reign supreme .. with a token showing of Clare in her hot pants. I’ve seen dungarees come in and out of fashion over the years, but I don’t recall seeing Hot Pants making a reappearance.

Runway Finale “Signature Look”

The show ends with a guest appearance by “Miss Frilly Frill” who won Dancer of the Year (a pre-cursor to Dancing with the Stars!)

Mix and Match Fashion Designer

sic “I was nice of you to choose such a nice nik name”

In my defense … it was the ’70s and Fringe was in!

In my current declutter mode, I decided it was time to shed this slice of my past, and after I’d taken photos of the kit and the designs (to avoid declutter-regret), I threw everything in the recycle bin – determined not to leave this festering in the attic for another 20 years.

Too Little Too Late

While researching some information about this kit, I was surprised to find examples for sale on ebay. Guess I should have done this research before I threw my “rare vintage paper doll accessory set away” – I could have made a few pounds.

Rotadraw Mix and Match Fashion Design Kit Rotadraw Mix and Match Fashion Design Kit

Do you have any idea what childhood memories are still hiding in your attic?