MASP Area Ave Paulista BrazilStreet Art “Call Parade”

My tastes in art spans both ends of the spectrum.  Whenever I visit a foreign city there’s usually an Art Museum on my agenda, but I’m also drawn to graffiti and street art.  Although I didn’t get a chance to visit an Art Museum in São Paulo, I encountered a lot of graffiti and as well as a recent street art installation hosted by the local phone company, Vivo.

On every street in every neighbourhood in  São Paulo, you’ll pass the public phone booths, nicknamed “hoods”, and in 2012, 100 hoods in the most photographed and hip neighbourhoods became canvases for local artists.

During my strolls around the city, I encountered my fair share of phone booths that were part of this street art installation called “Call Parade

“Vivo Conectado” by Juarez Fagundes

It was fitting that the most eye-catching phone booth was opposite the Museum of Modern Art on Avenue Paulista.  A baseball hat, was decorated with headphones, blobs of paint and paint-brushes.  A pair of clown shoes completed the look.

MASP Area Ave Paulista Brazil

The translation of Vivo Conectado is “Live Connected”.

My interpretations is that as well as being connected by telephone – we need to be connected to art, and not take it too seriously.

MASP Area Ave Paulista Brazil

This phone booth was my favourite, and it made me want to dig out some change and make a call.

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