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Aug 26

Capture your Audiences Attention & Get Read

If you don’t capture your audiences attention, they won’t read your content and will navigate to another site. Learn how to hook them.

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Aug 19

3 Step Approach for focusing your Blog Content

Use a 3 Step Approach for creating blog content. Capture your audiences attention, identify your call to action & convey the benefit.

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Aug 12

Value triangle of Google Alerts

The best way to keep track of new activity on the internet, is to sign up for Google Alerts

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Jun 29

Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Not sure if you should guest blog? Take a look at this infographic about the power of Guest Blogging, and reap the benefits of this activity.

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Sep 15

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines Launch Party

Content is King When I started my blogs, I naively assumed it was mostly about writing content, because I heard that “Content is King”. But King Content also needs a Queen, as well as Coutiers and a kingdom full of subjects to be effective.  There’s no point writing amazing content, if there’s nobody in your court to appreciate it. Royalty in Motion There’s an …

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Sep 02

Blogging in Pajamas

What’s in a name? Pajamas.  PJ’s. Jammie’s, Jim-Jams.  There’s many names for those comfy lounge pants, and when you look for a dictionary, you’ll come across the original Asian, and modern European definitions: Loose-fitting trousers, usually of silk or cotton, worn by both sexes in the Orient. Night clothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and jacket. …

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Jun 10

The power of Bodrum Sign Posts

High SEO for Bodrum Sign Posts on my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide site

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May 13

HTML Generator site

I love this HTML site… I use it which formatting my Wordpress Blog.

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Mar 14

Blogging in southwest Turkey: The tales that wag the blogs

Foreign bloggers share their amusing and poignant thoughts, tongue-in-cheek observations and tales of personal experiences of the country they call home

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Dec 04

Where to go for Expat Blogs

Here’s a collection of links for a variety of Expat Blog sites. You can click on any of the Logos to be taken to the Home Page for each of these sites: Quite an extensive list of Blogs – but once you start to click into them, some haven’t been updated for a couple of …

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