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Website Name

Website URL

Write for Us (Guest Blog Guidelines)

Guest Blog Post Guidelines (type of content the host blog is looking for)

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Write for ME GB Guest Blogger LogoThis is my Travel website for Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula. I accept insight articles aimed at independent travellers who want to get off the beaten path and avoid tourist hubs. I also accept general information articles about travelling and visiting Turkey. Please send a synopsis of your blog post idea in the pitch.
Roving Jay – Expat Adventures Write for ME on this blog GB Guest Blogger LogoIf you have informative articles about your own Expat Adventures, House Sitting or being a Global Digital Nomad, I accept guest articles on this blog. I provide a follow-back link to your blog, but the articles need to add value to the reader. Please send a synopsis of your blog post idea in the pitch.
International Living Write for Us Every day, International Living’s Daily Postcards bring stories from expats around the world to readers. If we they use your postcard, they will pay you a one-time rate of $75, including any photos you may wish to include.
The Lost Passport Write for Us Travel stories from independent travelers in south east Asia or greater Asia. Stories should be personalized with the voice of the traveler and should include at least three high quality photographs.
Pretravels Write for Us You will get paid $20 for each article that meets their guidelines. PreTravels is all about destination guides and tips to help you learn everything you need to know before you go to your next travel destination. They are a team of bloggers who love travelling and sharing their global experiences.
Broke.Travel Write for Us No city or destination guides – we want stories about something you did (or didn’t do)
All articles must be well written – this means readable, as well as making sense and being interesting to read.
For you SEO-types – no irrelevant links, no keyword-rich or commercial anchor texts, in fact, if you’re trying to get a guest post on our site for SEO purposes, it’s probably not worth your time emailing us.
All in-article links will be no-followed.
Am I nearly there yet Write for Us   We’re looking for Guest Posts in the form of written articles, Travel Photo of the day, or Travel Photo Essays formats.
Good To See  Write for Us We are happy to host travel articles by guest writers with a proven track record for good travel writing on other travel sites. If you would like to contribute, please ask for our guidelines. Warning: we are not a depository for spam and cheap SEO, we will only publish “proper” travel articles which will add to the world of travel.
 Leave me a comment to add your website or blog, with a link to your Guest Blogger Guidelines
Simply Holiday Deals Write for Us  Simply Holiday Deals is a fast growing travel destination site for UK residents. All topics should be travel related although we are open to other topics that would be relevant to our visitors. Article length should be a min. of 350 words but we prefer 500 plus.
Trip Outlook Write for Us By joining the Trip Outlook travel community you will be able to write and publish your travel blog posts and tourism related articles on our travel blog.
Submit your website to our travel websites directory.
Meet new travel buddies and join the conversation on our forum and groups.
Postcards from the World Write for Us If you love outdoors and have a story to share, write to us. We are looking for articles on a topic “BEST HIKES AND TRAILS AROUND THE WORLD” of 500 words minimum accompanied with 3-10 photos or/and a video. The articles must be original and not published elsewhere. It can be a guide post with tips or simply a story to inspire others.
The UK Travel Guide Write for Us 
Any destinations across the UK that you have visited and wish to tell the world about. Anything food related from across the UK including unusual regional foods that you have tried. Backpacking adventures, weird and wonderful holiday adventures and undiscovered gems
The South America Tourist Write for Us Looking for South America related articles at least 500 words in length. Must pass Copyscape. No general travel articles please.
Plan to Holiday Write for Us 

Our goal is to become one of the leading travel information providers across the World. Regarding to this, we are inviting bloggers and the all car lovers who are willing to share their experiences with us.

Moms Vacation Spots Write for Us Looking for guest posts travel related, saving money, traveling places, top vacation spots anything else travel related is great!
Vishualization Write for Us We have 3 specific sections. For unknown places, inspiring stories, travel related guest articles and Photo on home page featuring ” Travel destination of the week”
Luxury Travel Write for Us We accept mainly anything travel related, expecially luxury travel, as long as quality is top.
Trip Tipping Write for Us Your article is for making recommendations, not reviews. If you know the website details, just as phone number or address, please include it in your article.
Be ready to answer any questions our editors may have for you.
It really is as simple as that, We’d love to hear from you!
Inca Trail Write for Us Want to write for us?: Do you have any travel stories or tips about Peru? We accept quality guest posts. (I also have lots of downloadable resources including packing lists, Peru vaccination lists and restaurants etc.
Roaming Renegades Write for Us We are looking for guest posts which cover a broad scope around these ideas: City guides, advice for travellers, backpacking tips, things learnt on the road, crazy stories and experiences!, adventure activities.
Divergent Travelers Write for Us We are 100% adventure based blog.
Book Your Dive Write for Us We are looking for SCUBA destination related content for example destinations: South East Asia, Europe, Egypt, Belize and Costa Rica, just to name a few. If you have any experience and would like to write about it drop us a line.
Travel Eater Write for Us Stories about food and travel to tempt others to follow in your footsteps. Globavore Interviews with experts on food and travel.
Journey America Write for Us Always looking for great articles that combine our two passions — Travel and Photography. Be sure to read the guidelines otherwise we wont be able to use your post.
Travelersc Write for Us We accept articles on a variety of topics such as holiday destinations, Cruises, World Travel and Hotels from around the world, just to name a few. If you’re interested in writing for us be sure to email us!
Trusted Traveller Write for Us Jen accepts guest posts on travel related topics that fit well with what TTT is all about, making travel planning simple and stress-free. Posts should be about topics and destinations she hasn’t covered yet or focus on a unique angle of a destination she has covered.
Second Chance Travels Write for Us  Second Chance Travels: For Women on the Go. We are looking for contributors who can knowledgeably write about (and photograph) local sights, scenes, and activities, as well as individuals as they relate to travel.
Dream Travel Trip Write for Us Unique, informative and should be travel related. Should be a minimum of 500 words and you will be allowed to have 1 backlink. Over promotional articles will be rejected.
Life Flicker Write for Us We are accepting guest post for travel, food and lifestyle. You can check our guidelines and we will also provide you authorship.
Roots Traveler Write for Us I’m looking for travel articles between 600 – 1000 words, ideally. The articles should contain pictures since we want to inspire our community on travel destinations and authentic experiences. It can be relative to hiking, backpacking, discovering a city, or just giving some info about a place “from the inside”. Please, we’re not looking for attractions or tourists information.
St Albans Travel Write for Us I will host any articles about travel with links to travel sites which are unique, written in good English, unspun and over 450 words in length: apart from that, the world’s your oyster!
Southern Pacific Review Write for Us While we are a lit mag dedicated to quality writing, and publish news and essays on Chile, we are also looking for well-written travel articles about any destination in Latin America.  We prefer prose over pictures, so if you have been somewhere interesting and would like to write about that, please get in touch.
Angela Shupe Write for Us We want our authors to have a quality travel blog and are able to offer a guest post in return. For further information relating to post guidelines, send an email.
I2 Mag Write for Us Articles must be unique and original, the articles must fall under one of our categories. The article can be plain text or a Word document or a Google document. Articles must be a minimum of 600 to a maximum 1200 words. You can back-link to the article from your blog. Any article you write for us must be grammatically correct. Content must not be over promotional. Further guidlines are listed.
Vietnam Travel Info Write for Us Articles are to be about travel, with 500 words minimum, content should not be over promotional and should contain only 1 backlink. Content must be unique and original and should only be available to our blog.
Compare Holiday Money Write for Us blog posts wanted on South African holiday for a UK travel website. Posts must be relevant to UK travelers, grammatically correct. Posts should include atleast one photograph or video. We will link out to the bloggers own blog or social profile page and you may include links to authority sites that are non-profit and NGO.
Barcelona Photo Write for Us Guest posts should be unique and original in content. Photographs of Barcelona is the key topic of the site so articles should reflect that, articles displaying photographs from various other tourist sites are welcome too. For further guidelines get in touch.
Free Wheelings Write for Us  The site focuses mainly on travel and your destination related posts are more than welcome.  Preference will be given to those posts that break the mold.  We want to see your stories about visiting places that aren’t in the guide book and are little known. 
 Dave’s Travel Corner Write for Us  Looking for posts from backpacker to luxury based on personal experiences. New to established writers welcomed. We provide good exposure for your posts.
Travelers Journal Write for Us Any article submitted must be unique and of original content. The content of the article should relate to the topic of the blog, which is about travel experiences. Articles must be 500 words with a picture and be sure to include the source of the picture. Over promotional articles will be denied.
The Global Travel Guide Write for Us We are after articles which talk about places that you’ve visited, food from around the world, backpacking adventures, weird and wonderful holiday adventures and other undiscovered travel gems. You will be able to include 1 back-link you will also be able to include a link in the bio section of the articles, all the usual rules apply: content must be unique and original, must be a minimum of 500 words, ideally you should include either a couple of pictures or a video with a link to the source.
Travel News Zone Write for Us Any article submitted be be travel related this is includes: travel tourism, vacations, travel tips, travel photos and destination culture, just to name a few ideas. Your article should be unique and original. Article length must be 400 words and we will enable you 2 back-links within your articles.
Fly with Fare Buzz Write for Us We are looking for unique and original articles about all things travel, for more information drop us an email.
Dream Travel Trip Write for Us Any article submitted should be unique and informative and original content. The article should be about travel and should not contain excessive keywords. A minimum of 500+ words per post is required. The post should also be grammatically error free.
Whs in a Click Write for Us Looking for articles about popular tourist places and general tips to travel. Articles should be original and unique. For more information email the blog author.
Family Destinations Blog Write for Us Articles should be a minimum of 300 words, the content should be unique and original. Excessive promotion is a no no and the article should contain content related to my travel blog, be sure to check it out before writing.
Fly with Fare Write for Us Articles should be about travel, Spain, Spanish art or festivals in Spain. Your submitted article should be 500 words minimum, with 1 backlink per 500 words. We prefer to have an image included. As usual all content submitted should be original and unique.
Secret Traveller Write for Us Blog author is seeking unique content for their growing travel blog. They currently require articles about travel insider tips and articles about Australia, Africa and Asia. All content submitted should be unique and original.
Britain Outdoors Write for Us Britain Outdoors are after posts about your days out in the UK, They don’t have to be 100% outdoor related, but it would be great if they are. We only want personal experiences only, not commercial posts. All content submitted should be unique and original.
 Inca Trail Write for Us Want to write for IncaTrail?: Do you have any travel stories or tips about Peru? We accept quality guest posts which you can submit here
Travel Around the Globe Write for Us We always welcome articles about your travels around the globe.
Any submitted content should be all original and unique. Articles should be grammatically correct and informative. We will also accept 1 back-link to your website in the author bio. All articles are subject to review before posting.
Cheapo Air Travel Blog Write for Us “Cheapo Air Travel” are looking for well written informative articles detailing all aspects of travel. Any content submitted should be unique, original, grammatically correct and shouldn’t be too over promotional. For more article writing guidelines be sure to email the blog author.
Travel my way for less Write for Us The article should be travel connected, ideally a couple of specific destination providing recommendatios or travel tips sacred for travellers
The UK Travel Guide Write for Us The UK Travel Guide requires writers; Do you have a passion for travel? do you know the history of your home town? if so, we want you to write for us! All content must be unique and original. It must also be a minimum of 500 words. We would also like to include pictures or videos, which should contain the source of the media.
Whinlatter Write for Us Submitted articles must focus on unique activity holidays for adults, preferably ones that are a little out of the ordinary. All content must be original and unique and have a minimum 600 word count with 1 image that must be owned by the author.
Vagabond Family Write for Us  Traveling With Over 10’s. Traveling With Young Kids. Traveling With Babies. Families Living/Life Abroad. Any location specific travel family guides, for example “18 Amazing Things To Do with Kids on the Maldives”, “16 Fun Things To Do with Kids in XXX”, … It should be min. 1000 words long, well researched, unique and useful content.
Top 100 Experiences Write for Us Articles should be about your travel experiences in Australia. All content should be original and unique. All submission will be reviewed and small edits may be made to keep the article in line with the quality and feel of the website. Check out their website for article writing tips to help you with your article.
Revista Write for Us Revista requires good quality content related to Spain and its territories. Any post submitted should have a minimum of 500 words, one back-link is permitted at the bottom of the post. Grammar needs to be of a high standard. The article must pass Copyscape.
Ecophiles Write for Us A platform for sustainable tourism that aims to drive the movement of green travel into the mainstream and make it a lifestyle choice. We cover a wide range of topics from Nature, Adventure, Food, Wellness, Culture, Luxury Tourism aiming to inspire experiential, green travel. Submitted articles should have a minimum of 500 words, not including the bio, and good quality images. We will allow a backlink and promote you on our Social Media.
Great Escape Publishing Write for Us Articles in a variety of categories, including articles about travel blogging, creating your own tours, the import/export business, travel writing, and photography. They pay between $50 and $200, depending on the nature of the writing.
Transitions Abroad Write for Us  Articles on “travel, work, study, living, and volunteering abroad.” They want practical information gained from first-hand experience. They pay up to $150 an article.
Best World Travel Destinations Write for Us The people other at “Best World Travel Destination” are looking for original and unique articles related to trending travel topics. Articles must contain at least 400 words and an author bio. Any media used must contain a source.
Viator Travel Blog Write for Us Pitch a feature length contribution. They want to share an “insider’s view of travel” with a focus on more traditional tourism. They also have a helpful list of cities they need articles about. They pay $100-$150 for features.
International Living Write for Us They’re looking for unique, personal articles from international writers. They pay $75 for “daily postcards,” which share stories from expats.
It’s One World Travel Write for Us Entertaining articles are welcome at “It’s One World Travel”. Articles that talk about travel mishaps, travel bloopers and other entertaining shenanigans, whatever the choice any article submitted must be between 400-1000. All content submitted must be unique and original works.
World of Beauty and Amazing Things Write for Us Have a favourite place to travel? If so, become a guest blogger for “World of Beauty and Amazing Things”. Articles submitted should contain a minimum of 400 words and should be unique and original pieces.
Tenerife Forum Write for Us Tenerife Forums would like guest bloggers to write about: History of Islands, Places of interest, Culture, Events, Food, Reviews, Entertainment and other important news. All content submitted should be unique and original works. Articles should include images, if you’re unable to find some, they will source one for you. Articles should be a minimum of 600 words with a maximum of 1000. Be sure to check out their article guideline page before posting.
Keep it Planned Write for Us Lists; How To; Travel Guides. All content is related to travel niche, and their contributor page includes a list of available categories.
Wanderlust & Lipstick* Write for Us A couple of different options. One-off blog posts as part of their WanderTales series; or a commitment of 2-blog posts a week as a regular contributor
BootnAll  ttp:// Write for Us They accept pitches for feature articles focused on Indie Traveling that cover a range of topics, from traveler interviews to “indie flight hacking.” They pay $50 per feature.
Desert USA Write for Us Articles about the North American Desert regions. They accept submissions for several sections of their site, including the Wildlife, Adventure, and Desert Lore sections. They pay $100 per article with accompanying photos.
Am I Nearly There Yet Write for Us I’d like 600+ words and some great images as our site is very visual. I don’t mind contextual links, but nothing too spammy.
The Traveloid Write for Us Summary of the type of blog articles they are accepting submissions on Travel stories from Europe, with a focus on culture and nightlife.
A New Traveller Write for Us We’re always on the lookout for new writers, photographers, and videographers who share a passion for the world, culture, people, adventure and travel.
Useful Travel Tips Write for Us Any non-promotional article that is informative.
Trails Unblazed Write for Us We will selectively consider guest posts related to adventure travel.
The Accidental Australian Write for Us Anything on Australian, New Zealand travel and tourism is welcome, as well as stories about being an expat and money saving tips while travelling.
Indie Travel Blog Write for Us Accepts travel and tourism articles about India.
One Weird Globe Write for Us Seeking stories of weird, unusual, bizarre, or just plain quirky destinations. No payments, but appropriate do-follow links and social media blasts (including to over 10,000 Twitter followers – @oneweirdglobe) are standard.
Playa del Carmen Write for Us Everything Playa del Carmen / Riviera Maya related.
Kevin’s Travel Diary Write for Us I will publish any article/post, it could be a review  or it  could be your time in a given country,  written in good English over 1000 words in length.
A Travel Thing Write for Us We are an online travel magazine aimed at travelers who are looking for something new and unique to experience. We welcome travel related guest posts such as: unique travel stories, destination guides, travel tips, photo essays, video stories, and more.
What’s On Sukhumvit Write for Us We are currently looking for writers in Thailand. We offer both backlinks and payment for any piece that is published.
The Traveloid Write for Us Travel stories from Europe, with a focus on culture and nightlife

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