Week Two of Storytellers.  This week we were assigned to a mentee by way of a Notebook Raffle.  Our names were written on the inside, front cover of a notebook, and the mentee’s chose one at random.  I was assigned to Touche — time will tell if he considers me a worthy prize.

As a group we completed an exercise called – Divide a Heart – which is intended to generate some story idea’s.  The blackboard was divided into quarters, and suggestions were collected for the following input:

• Top Left- write 3 things you want/love/a personal goal.

• Top Right- write 3 possible conflicts/fear/hate.

• Bottom Left- write 3 completely different settings.

• Bottom Right- write three possible lessons.

Touche’s personal goal is to see more of his grandmother.  I thought she must live out of State, so I asked if it was too far to visit — he pointed his pencil skyward.  Definitely too far to visit!

Touche’s number one setting was Flower Land.  He has a fear of grass – but not if it has ladybugs in it, and he also has a fear of skinny jeans.  Finally – a common bond!

During week one – I had a short list of 3 mentee’s I’d like to mentor and 3 that I wanted to avoid.  Touche made it to the second list  — but now that we’d divided a heart together – I realized I may have judged him too harshly.  Turns out he has a sensitive side – and is just a little bit quirky.  We’re going to get on well!

Chicken Dance Score:  Students 2 – Mentors 1