Jun 29

Who has copied your site content?

Do you know who has copied content from your site to theirs?

I’m flattered when other web sites copy snippets of my content, as long as they provide a link back to my source page.

Charles Caleb Colton (c) http://www.quotezuki.com
Charles Caleb Colton, an English Writer from the early 1800’s, said:

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

This sentiment is even more relevant in today’s WWW-arena.  But how many times has somebody copied your site content without you knowing?

If they provide a link-back to your source site, then you probably received the ping-back.  But what happens if they’ve “imitated” you – and not linked back to your source content?

How do you know they’ve done this?  Follow these 3 easy steps to see if there’s copies of your content out on the web:

  1. Follow this link to open the COPYSCAPE website
  2. Enter your website or blog url
  3. Peruse the results


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  1. Alan

    Interesting point; I would have thought that unless you have some muscle to back you up there is little to be done. You could warn them but then what? You could employ legal beagles who could warn them, but then what? Best to wrap yourself in the warm cloak smugness and let it go.

    1. https://www.rovingjay.com

      Hi Alan – Good Point – probably not worth the legal battle or cost. But before we retreat into our cloak of smugness – there’s a couple of free options we could take advantage of …. especially if someone has trawled your content, and is duplicating vast quantities of it. Here’s a related blog post:


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