Sep 17

Steaming back to the 1940s

We visited Sheringham to explore the biggest live event in the North Norfolk Railway Calendar – their 1940s weekend where locals descend upon the railway station to take a ride on the steam train and smooze with other locals on the station platform who have joined them to step back in time to the days of the blitz, rationing, and utility clothing.

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Sep 07

Saved by Annie’s Grapes

Little did we realize that when we harvest grapes in the morning, that they’d be the same grapes that saved us from dehydration during an afternoon trip to the beach.

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Sep 05

The end of the Cambodia Daily

As well as doing copious amounts of tourism research for our impending backpacking trip to Cambodia I also subscribed to the free updates from the Phnom Penh Post newspaper so that I can get a flavor for what’s happening in the country.

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Sep 04

Herbie and I are not alone

House Sitting adventures in Turkey with Herbie the Cat and Tommy the Tortoise. I’m not sure who’s moving slower in this summer heat!

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Aug 20

Smoking in Public Places – Fire in Gümüşlük

I was enjoying a simple but tasty Turkish breakfast the other morning in Gümüşlük. Even there we’re in peak season right now the tourist swell doesn’t descend onto the harbor until the last vestiges of last night’s Raki hangover has subsided. So if I get to our local Belediye cafe at early enough, there’s still a …

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Aug 08

Herbie Rides Again!

House Sitting for Herbie again in Turkey .. amid searing heat and earthquakes. It’s nice to be back here, despite the shake, rattle and roll action.

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Jul 30

Do Your Travel Plans Always Work Out?

How many times have you created a travel plan, only to have it fall apart? Now I’m making travel intentions rather than travel plans.

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Jul 14

Camels, Street Art, and Famous Residents of Venice Beach

Venice Beach has always been this side of skuzzy and although two decades have passed since I first encountered this iconic Californian beach town it hasn’t improved much. I lived in different parts of this Los Angeles enclave over the years. Initially, I sublet a cramped one bedroom apartment that three of us shared for a …

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Feb 27

Another visit to Van Gogh’s Bedroom

A visit to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena to view Van Gogh’s bedroom on loan from the Chicago Art Institute.

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Feb 07

Life Lesson: Avoid the DMV on a Monday Morning

Monday Morning diet of government bureaucracy and paying for the privilege of eating up my day. How I got my buttons pushed at the DMV.

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Jan 17

Weekend House Sitting with a Velcro Dog

Our latest dog sitting charge was a 1 year old Vizsla named Shogi, all she wanted to do was play catch and be loved. If only life were that simple for all of us.

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Dec 25

A Christmas Tradition: Perog or Coulibiac?

We’ve been cooking this dishes for subsequent Christmas Dinners, and just discovered it has a name: A Perog or maybe a Coulibiac?

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Nov 19

Remembering the Events of 9/11 in New York

No trip to New York is complete without a trip to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial. It’s tasteful, thoughtful, and inspiring.

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Nov 17

View of New York from the Top of the Rock

Autumn is the best time to take a trip up to the Top of the Rock, the Observation deck in the Rockefeller Center, to get a colourful view of Central Park.

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Nov 14

The end of the Line for Coney Island

Photo Essay of our out-of-season trip to Coney Island for a Boardwalk stroll and voyeurs view of Luna Amusement Park, Brooklyn.

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Nov 13

Subway Therapy Wall at Union Square NYC

The Union Square Therapy wall in NYC is the brainchild of Matthew “Levee” Chavez as a way for New Yorkers to get their thoughts and fears off their chest.

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Nov 12

RIP Empire Diner NYC

Back in ’89/’90 we had many a leisurely brunch and hurried late night snack at the Empire Diner in West Chelsea .. so it was with heavy heart that I discovered its demise during a Sunday Stroll in the old neighbourhood.

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Nov 10

The colours of Autumn in Montclair

Changing of the Seasons Growing up it wasn’t unusual to be blind to the beauty of the colours of autumn. They seasons came and went and after the novelty that was present in childhood faded, it was easy to just view the leaves falling to the ground as a sign that another cold winter was just …

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Nov 09

Oh America … I’ve missed your bagels

It didn’t take us long to discover a delicious bagel shop in Upper Montclair NJ, for a trip down memory lane with an egg bagel.

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Nov 08

Overnight layover in Istanbul

Even a quick overnight trip to Istanbul can be rewarding. We headed for the familiar stomping grounds of the Spice Market and the Galata Bridge, and neither one disappointed.

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Sep 03

My Turkey Tales ebook is Free on Amazon

If you fancy a lighthearted read about Turkey – try my Turkey Tales, it’s available to download from Amazon. (and for a limited time only – it’s free).

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Aug 12

Get notified when “Turkey Tales: A Bodrum Travel Memoir in Verse” is free to download

From Travel Guides to a Poetic Travel Memoir I write travel guides about the Bodrum Peninsula, and built a popular travel blog on the same topic. I’ve taken a break from writing travel guides to create “Turkey Tales: A Bodrum Travel Memoir in Verse”, which is a collection of poems about people we’ve encountered on our …

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Jun 21

The summer migration to Gumusluk

After a barren winter with barely a sighting of another human life form in the neighbourhood for months, it has been exciting to see the influx of visitors arriving into their summer homes on our complex. They’re new arrivals for the season, in search of a respite from the heat of Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

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Jun 12

Spicy Cauliflower Florets with Pul Biber

Bite-size florets coated with spices (Pul-biber) & served with a yogurt dip I love cauliflower, and there was a Mediterranean restaurant around the corner from my Corporate Castle in LA, that did a Fried Cauliflower dish, served with tahini, in a pitta wrap.  It was delicious. I decided to guess at the ingredients, and make it healthier …

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Jun 05

I’m going to Camp NaNoWriMo this Summer

The thought of being locked in a wooden cabin with 12 other people for a month, fills this introvert with dread. But luckily Camp NaNoWriMo in July … is a virtual camp, so I’ll enjoy every minute.

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May 10

Interview with Author Ann Marie Mershon on “You must only to love them: Lessons Learned in Turkey”

Author Ann Marie Aershon Guest Blog Today we’re welcoming Guest Blogger Ann Marie Mershon, author of “You must only to love them, Lessons Learned in Turkey”.  In her new book, Ann Marie recounts her trials and joys as she adapted to life in Istanbul. Still smarting from a recent divorce, she decided to focus on a …

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May 05

Full Circle and New Beginnings

  Coming Home to London After the quiet and calm of our little hill in Gumusluk, it’s been quite a jolt to find ourselves in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London again. The capital is my old stomping ground, and I always get a sense of “coming home” each time I throw myself …

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Apr 15

Article in the Daily Sabah about my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guides

Brilliant to be featured in Leyla Ergil’s roundup of Travel Guides about Turkey written by Expats in the Daily Sabah, an English language newspaper in Turkey.

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Mar 19

House and Dog Sitting in Gumusluk

Although we’re registered on with a couple of house sitting sites, we still manage to pick up local assignments through word of mouth. Here’s our pet sit news for Tilki and Sari in Gumusluk.

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Feb 27

A quiet place to write in Gumusluk

Here’s a recent poem “A quiet place to write in Gumusluk” about the special spot I escape to gaze at the view and get creative with words.

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