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Sep 07

Saved by Annie’s Grapes

Little did we realize that when we harvest grapes in the morning, that they’d be the same grapes that saved us from dehydration during an afternoon trip to the beach.

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Sep 04

Herbie and I are not alone

House Sitting adventures in Turkey with Herbie the Cat and Tommy the Tortoise. I’m not sure who’s moving slower in this summer heat!

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Aug 20

Smoking in Public Places – Fire in Gümüşlük

I was enjoying a simple but tasty Turkish breakfast the other morning in Gümüşlük. Even there we’re in peak season right now the tourist swell doesn’t descend onto the harbor until the last vestiges of last night’s Raki hangover has subsided. So if I get to our local Belediye cafe at early enough, there’s still a …

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Aug 08

Herbie Rides Again!

House Sitting for Herbie again in Turkey .. amid searing heat and earthquakes. It’s nice to be back here, despite the shake, rattle and roll action.

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Sep 03

My Turkey Tales ebook is Free on Amazon

If you fancy a lighthearted read about Turkey – try my Turkey Tales, it’s available to download from Amazon. (and for a limited time only – it’s free).

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Aug 12

Get notified when “Turkey Tales: A Bodrum Travel Memoir in Verse” is free to download

From Travel Guides to a Poetic Travel Memoir I write travel guides about the Bodrum Peninsula, and built a popular travel blog on the same topic. I’ve taken a break from writing travel guides to create “Turkey Tales: A Bodrum Travel Memoir in Verse”, which is a collection of poems about people we’ve encountered on our …

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Jun 21

The summer migration to Gumusluk

After a barren winter with barely a sighting of another human life form in the neighbourhood for months, it has been exciting to see the influx of visitors arriving into their summer homes on our complex. They’re new arrivals for the season, in search of a respite from the heat of Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

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Apr 15

Article in the Daily Sabah about my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guides

Brilliant to be featured in Leyla Ergil’s roundup of Travel Guides about Turkey written by Expats in the Daily Sabah, an English language newspaper in Turkey.

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Mar 19

House and Dog Sitting in Gumusluk

Although we’re registered on with a couple of house sitting sites, we still manage to pick up local assignments through word of mouth. Here’s our pet sit news for Tilki and Sari in Gumusluk.

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Feb 27

A quiet place to write in Gumusluk

Here’s a recent poem “A quiet place to write in Gumusluk” about the special spot I escape to gaze at the view and get creative with words.

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Jan 23

Laurel and Hardy are Out of the Frame

Find out what happened when we invited Laurel and Hardy to fit our bathroom door jam and door. Nothing’s ever simple in Turkey!

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Jan 04

The Calm after the Storm in Bodrum

Little did we anticipate that the rain on our windscreen signalled the arrival of the armageddon-like weather that descended upon the Bodrum Peninsula as we slept soundly in our beds.

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Dec 11

Going Cold Turkey on Starbucks

We were Going to go Cold Turkey on Starbucks, but then discovered a Starbuck at Yalikavak Marina, Bodrum. Americano anyone?

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Dec 06

1st Attempt at curing Bodrum Black Olives in Salt

We picked the black olives from our Bodrum olive tree and then followed a “oil cured” olive recipe that called for lots of salt. And not oil.

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Dec 04

The final leg of the journey to Bodrum

A deserted International Terminal at Bodrum greeted us, and our cases had one last road-trip before making it up the last leg of our garden path.

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Dec 01

Santa Monica and Bodrum becoming sisters

Santa Monica Sister Cities Association has reached out to Bodrum to request a Sister City alignment. Find out more about this partnership, and how I have been blazing the trail of Citizenship Diplomacy for years.

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Sep 11

My Expat Author Interview with Blog Expat

Excerpt from my Author Interview at Blog Expat: I survived the Moonies, and vowed to myself I’d return to the States one day. Back home, I met and fell in love with London, and enjoyed a long, fruitful and gloriously eventful relationship with that fabulous city.

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Jan 10

I devoured Jack’s Raw Turkey and it was Bootiful!

How many times have you been with friends, and somebody new has joined the group? Favourite stories are recounted; one’s you’d forgotten about rise to the surface like the cream of the crop; and out of the blue, fresh tales are uncovered.

That’s what it felt like when I was devouring Jack Scott’s latest book “Turkey the Raw Guide”.

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Sep 18

Exploring our new Turkish Neighbourhood

Exploring the northern coastline of the Bodrum Peninsula to explore our new neighbourhood between Yalikavak and Gumusluk. Blue Skies and Blue Seas.

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Mar 11

My entry for Photo Roulette Round #38

The theme for Round #38 of Photo Roulette is SUNSHINE. Nomadbiba is hosting this week’s Travel Photo Roulette!  The Travel Photo Roulette was started in November 2010 by Jeremy from LivingTheDream as a way for travel bloggers to showcase their best photography. For each round a new theme is chosen, and independent travel bloggers are asked to submit their photos. …

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Dec 14

Review: Perking the Pansies – the Book

Whereas Jack’s Pansy blog is a frantic knee-trembler with Tabitha the Tart, Jack’s book is a post-coital embrace that lingers ’til dawn.

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Jun 10

The power of Bodrum Sign Posts

High SEO for Bodrum Sign Posts on my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide site

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Jun 06

New Road Signs in the Gümüşlük area

When did the new road signs appear in the Gümüşlük area? It’s been over a year since we visited our house, and we got a nice surprise when we arrived. We now know where we live! When we bought the house it had a bright blue number painted, graffiti style, on the side of it. …

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Dec 02

Bodrum Bulletin

I’ve found an alternative to the Expat Forums – in the shape of The Bodrum Bulletin, which is a fortnightly newsletter. It really has a community feel, and looks like it’s written by an Expat, who lives in the area.

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Sep 16

Say “Yes” to the House

Market Day in Bodrum Tuesday is Fabric Market day in Bodrum. We had an amble around there — it was held inside a big building by the bus station, and was pretty hot and airless. We got hassled to buy, but the stall-holders weren’t too pushy, and I don’t think we ended up buying much. …

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