Sep 04

Herbie and I are not alone

I wrote about cat sitting for Herbie in my Herbie Rides Again post, but he’s not my only charge on this house sit. Every now an then we hear a rustle in the bushes or the scrape of something hard being dragged across the gravel. Me and Herbie are not alone – he has a brother, called Tommy.

Tommy the Tortoise

It’s been a really hot month, and I’m guessing that Tommy has been hiding deep in the bushes to keep cool, but every now and then he drags himself over the gravel path to reach the other side of the garden. I’ve been here a few weeks now and Tommy shows up are 3-4 days – I think perhaps he’s trying to keep fit by doing laps of the house.Tommy the Tortoise

Although there’s water bowls left out for Tommy, I decided to give him a quick douse down with the hose while I was watering the garden, so that he could drink for the puddle.

Tommy the Tortoise

He drank about as quickly as he walks, but he seemed appreciative of the gesture. He also chowed down some fresh cucumber slices with wild abandon. Oddly, he tried to take them into his shell to eat, and came out again once they’d gone.

Herbie on the other hand barely raised a whisker at all this activity.

Herbie taking another snooze This is one of his favorite spots for taking a nap. It’s in the shade, plus he’s not too far away from his own water bowl.

He does move occasionally – but only to change position, before relaxing again for another nap.

Herbie taking another snooze

He’s such a snoozy cat, and such a cuddle bunny. It took him a few days to get used to me again, but now he runs over to greet me in the morning (cupboard love), and waits on the post by the gate when I go out, and then chats to me while I open the gate and follows me inside.

Now in the evenings he cuddles up on the couch near me.

Herbie taking another snooze

Herbie taking another snooze


It’s amazing how fond you can become of somebody else’s pet within such a short time. They all have behavior quirks and strong personalities that make them unique. It makes me wish I had a cat of my own again.

Gonna miss you Herbie!



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