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Aug 26

Capture your Audiences Attention & Get Read

If you don’t capture your audiences attention, they won’t read your content and will navigate to another site. Learn how to hook them.

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Aug 19

3 Step Approach for focusing your Blog Content

Use a 3 Step Approach for creating blog content. Capture your audiences attention, identify your call to action & convey the benefit.

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Aug 12

Value triangle of Google Alerts

The best way to keep track of new activity on the internet, is to sign up for Google Alerts

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Jul 05

Mind Map Inspiration

Inspiration for Creating your Mind Map Mind Maps are as individual as the person who creates them. But all of them have the following in common: Tips for creating a Mind Map: Put your main idea in the center of the paper Use single strong words or short & meaningful phrases Use colors, shapes or …

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Jun 29

Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Not sure if you should guest blog? Take a look at this infographic about the power of Guest Blogging, and reap the benefits of this activity.

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Dec 02

Why I like Tag Clouds

Online, where web users are inundated with information, and web pages are scanned for pertinent topics rather than read word-for-word — Tag Clouds have a valuable role to play.

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Jul 02

Sombody copied my content but didn’t link back to me

You’ve copyscaped your site and found that other websites are using your content. What can you do? Link-backs: Link-backs are a great SEO tool.  If somebody is using your content, you may as well get some benefit out of it: Contact the site and ask them to provide a link back to your site, and …

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Jun 29

Who has copied your site content?

I’m flattered when other web sites copy snippets of my content, as long as they provide a link back to my source page. But how do you check?

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Jun 23


XHTML and CSS are the next generation HTML, they were developed to separate structure from content.

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Jun 19

Image File Size Tips for your Website Photo’s

Optimise your Image files for your Website Here’s some tips to keep your website load time optimised.  Let’s face it – you’ll lose site visitors if they have to wait for large photo files to load – and nobody has the patience for that.  So it’s important to compress them to an optimal level, and …

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Jun 10

The power of Bodrum Sign Posts

High SEO for Bodrum Sign Posts on my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide site

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May 13

HTML Generator site

I love this HTML site… I use it which formatting my Wordpress Blog.

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