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Sep 16

US Background Checks for House Sitting

Find out how to request a Police or FBI background check if your home owner is requesting an additional level of security before they engage you as a house sitter.

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Jul 01

20 Questions to ask before you begin your Pet Sitting Assignment

Before you start pet sitting, here’s 20 questions you should ask before you begin your assignment. These health and welfare tips will help ensure that taking care of cats and dogs during a house sit are all covered.

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Oct 15

How NOT to apply to a House Sitting advert

First Impressions count when you’re applying for a housesitting assignment online. People make snap judgements and this can stop you getting the assignment.

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Jul 20

Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to House Sitting e-book

The Ultimate House Sitting Guide is available as an e-book and pdf from the Globetotting Girls. Global nomads who have living a nomadic lifestyle since 2010

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Nov 13

What is House Sitting?

Not quite sure of what a house sitter is or does? Here’s a definition of House Sitting, with a high level overview of the benefits to both the Home Owner and House Sitter.

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Nov 06

House Sitters How-to e-book

Rick and Colleen from House Sitting Adventures website have published “The House Sitters How-to Handbook” to help you travel the world one house at a time.

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Oct 30

Who pays utilities during House Sitting Assignments?

If you’re making a house sitting arrangement through a Listing Site, one of agreements you’ll need to reach is, who pays for utilities. This post contains guidelines about who pays for what during your house sitting assignment.

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Oct 26

5 Steps to House Sitter Membership

Here’s a summary of 5 steps you’ll need to complete to sign up for a House Sitting Listing Service, and tips on how to be proactive in your search for a house sitting assignment.

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Oct 23

How to Become a House-Sitter e-book

Hecktick travels have published a House Sitting Handbook for anyone wanting to find out more about becoming a House Sitter. Discover more about the contents and how to buy a copy for yourself.

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Oct 20

Top 5 ways to find House Sit Assignments

This post is part of my House Sitting 101 series, and includes a summary for the 5 main ways to find your ideal House Sitting assignment. If you’re a new House Sitter, this list will provide an introduction on where to start your search.

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Oct 16

5 House Sitter Questions

With more than a handful of housesitting assignments under their belt, there’s a few house sitter questions that nearly always get asked of this house sitting couple. In this guest post provided by James from The House Sitting Couple, he gives a run down of what those five frequently asked questions are.

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Oct 09

Articles About Being a House Sitter & House Sitting

This House Sitter Article Round Up includes excerpts of House Sitting Articles culled from the web. Just follow the links to view the full content.

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Jan 21

Benefits of a Lockbox for Home Owners during a Haboob in Palm Springs

A lockbox is a really useful thing for home owners. It allows house sitters to have access to your house and help you out in high winds. We helped out a previous house sitting client during high winds in Palm Springs

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