It’s not often we venture to the shopping malls here in Bodrum but the draw of a piping hot Starbucks from their branch at the Avenue Mall Shopping Centre was the only draw until I spotted this street art.

This two-level shopping mall opened in May 2013, and is a combination of small shops, a large Migros supermarket, and the new arrival of a modest sized IKEA ordering centre, which moved from a smaller location nearby. There was high hopes for this shopping centre when it first opened with grand plans to stand toe-to-toe commercially with Midtown, but it never seemed to live up to expectations. It’s one saving grace is a Starbucks! Now that IKEA has moved into the Avenue, maybe this will attract more businesses to locate here.

Street Art in Bodrum Avenue Shopping centreOn my last visit there I spotted this street art of a couple of small children on a bicycle. The little boys face is so engaging, and you can see him gripping on for dear life as his older sister takes them on an adventure.

I’m a sucker for street art, I love how it grabs your attention. It’s free art for the masses meant to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to give it a glance, not something that’s there for commercial gain.

The way that the Avenue artist has incorporated part of the environment (the bike) has a feeling of Banksy, and if you haven’t seen the Paramount film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – here’s a trailer that was uploaded on the YouTube Banksy channel.

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This is the inside story of Street Art, and tells the story about what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide.

Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop

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