Pet Sitting in home Pet Care 20 questions to askPet Sitting Questions

Before you begin your house sitting assignment, take the time to ensure you’re prepared and informed enough about the needs and welfare of any pets in your charge.

To help get you prepared, I’ve put together a list of 19 questions you should ask the home owner. As you see, I’m one question short …. so please leave a comment below and let me your suggestions for #20.

1. Does your pet take any medications?

2. Does your pet have any history of heath conditions or ailments?

3. What’s the Vets phone number and address?

4. How often is your pet fed?

5. What are the pets bathroom habits? (e.g. are they regular)

Bathing a dog Pet Sitting Questionnaire


6.  Does your pet get rewards or snacks between meals?

7.  Does your pet have any special needs?

8.  How often is your dog walked?

9.  Should the dog be walked on or off the lead?

10. Does you pet have any special behaviour traits?

Dogs Playing together Pet Sitting


11.  How is your pet with other animals (e.g. is the dog social around other dogs?)

12. Any special grooming requirements?

13. Are there any special bathing instructions?

14. Do the pets travel ok in the car?

15. Do you have a list of local walks?

Cat on the chair Pet Sitting

16. Where do your pets sleep?

17. Are your pets allowed on the furniture?

18. Are there any special training or obedience requirements?

19. Would you like status updates (or photos) about your pet during my assignment?

20. Does your pet have separation anxiety? (Thanks to Lori for providing this suggestion)

21. << Please leave me a comment and let me know what #21 should be? Let’s grow this list>>