Cold Turkey

As I get more and more ensconced in Turkish life, I’m coming to terms with the things and experiences I have gone Cold Turkey on from my former life.

I went cold Turkey on my friends, cold Turkey on the modern conveniences on-tap in LA, and cold Turkey on the way of life I’d become so accustomed too. I also gone cold Turkey on being understood and being able to understand the locals I encounter.

Amazon PrimeI went cold Turkey on Amazon Prime shipments. Whatever I wanted, I could order it online from Amazon. Some items arrived the same day, others within 2! I’m currently in the throes of Amazon-withdrawal. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

I thought I was going to have to go cold Turkey on my daily Starbucks fix too.

Back in LA

In our LA neighborhood we spent a decade with nothing but residential apartments and drug dealers roaming the streets, but finally the gentrification of the area began. We got a heads-up of it’s impending arrival, when a sign appeared at the main road “Starbucks Coming Soon!”

It was the beginning of the end for our ramshackle neighborhood, and in our final years there, the 2nd hand-hand and charity shops were replaced by gourmet restaurants, hand-made soap shops and artisan bakeries. Even, the old run-down bowling alley got a face-life – and is now a cocktail hot-spot.

We resisted for a while, but it didn’t take long for us to became regular visitors to our local Starbucks. Getting our daily fill of branded caffeine before we headed to Turkey, a land awash with tea drinkers.

Starbucks in Bodrum

Bodrum is too far to travel just for a Grande Americano, so we knew a Starbucks would be a special-occasion beverage whenever we were in Bodrum’s Marina area. So I’d resigned myself to going Cold Turkey on Starbucks. And I was truly ok with it. I’m a fan of the local coffee houses in the village and love supping on a Turkish Coffee, although the way I drink my coffee it’s over in a flash and I’m left wanting more. I’m a coffee addict and there’s no denying it!

Starbucks Yalikavak Marina Bodrum Turkey

Imagine our surprise when we waddled around Yalikavak Marina one afternoon wrapped up against the cold in more layers than King Tut, only to be treated to the sight of that iconic Green Starbucks logo.

We lost no time in making a bee-line for it …. but, some things never change .. no matter where you buy a Starbucks ….. their paper cups still leak!

Part of me hates that this American iconic chain is here in Yalikavak … and part of me is secretly pleased that I have a choice.

One thing Red and I agree on is our mass-dislike for the generic-nature of California. Every area has the same chain of shops, and life is all cookie-cutter convenience and commercial enticements.

I’m ok that Startbucks is tucked away in the Marina … I just don’t want it to start encroaching into the village itself.

What we love about the area is that it’s eclectic and has a personality …. as soon as a big chain gets its footprint cemented into the main part of town, will be the time we put the house on the market.

I know you can’t stop progress … but if we could just corral it a little, I’d raise my coffee-cup to that.

Sunset in Yalikavak

On a positive note, the coffee kept us warm while we waited for the sunset to appear.

Sunset in Yalikavak Bodrum Turkey