Branding for Project Management Posts for Roving JayWho are you writing content for?

Are you writing your blog content for yourself or for an Audience?

When I first started blogging, I wrote for myself. Eventually I realized that if I was going spend time and effort creating content, I wanted to make sure it was attracting an audience, and that’s when I started putting more thought into the content creation process.

If you are writing for your audience (and this is the approach I recommend), you should ensure your content is focused with a clear goal in mind.

3 Step Approach:

By using this 3 Step Approach, you will have a better chance of capturing your audiences attention, and conveying your message:


Roving Jay Graphic for Focusing your contentStep 1: Identify your Audience

    • Who are they?
  • What are their Needs?
  • What is their expertise or knowledge level?

Step 2: What is your call to Action?

  • What do you want your audience to do?

Step 3: How will your content benefit your Audience?

  • What’s in it for your audience?
  • How will you convey your opinion?
  • How will you encourage the call to action?

Apply this 3 Step Approach to any blog post you create, and it’ll help craft your content, and keep it focused.

Using my 3 Step Approach to create this blog content:

  1. My audience are looking for ways to speed up their content creation process; they are beginning bloggers, or bloggers without formal writing training who could use some tips on creating their content
  2. My call to action is for my audience to follow this 3 step process
  3. The benefit of this 3 Step Approach is that it will help focus my audience’s thoughts during the content creation process

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