Is Clutter weighing you down?

Our current fascination with getting rid of clutter, inspired me to write a poem about the process of freeing yourself for the belongings that can weigh you down and hold you back. 2 pans, 2 cups, 2 bowls, 2 platesGod forbid if one of them breaks. Roving Jay poetry

(NB: the background image for this poem was a shopping/grocery bag full of fridge magnets we’d collected over the past 20 years … I kept 1 that my mum gave me .. all of the rest were donated!)

2 pans, 2 cups, 2 bowls, 2 plates God forbid if one of them breaks. The shelves are bare and drawers are empty. We’ve cleared a space, where once there was plenty. All that clutter that anchored us down. Was donated to others so we can leave town. How many shoes does one girl need? What’s truly sufficient, and what’s just pure greed? When’s enough just enough to keep you afloat. When’s more than enough, just a reason to gloat? Why do we hoard, and leave clutter untouched, When all that we need just isn’t that much. We’ve turned the corner, to flee with essentials. And the path before us, is paved with potential.