A new type of Mobile in this Digital Age

Food trucks are big business in Los Angeles — but the concept of other “mobile” offerings has been a little bit slow off the ground.

I’ve seen mobile convenience store trucks, and mobile libraries … but on Venice Main Street the other day, I saw my very first Mobile Flower Truck.

This retro 1970’s ice cream truck is decorated with an eye-catching design, artfully created by one of Jenifer’s friends. It’s used to shuttle blooms and spread floral joy round Los Angeles’s Westside.  

And can also be hired out for private appearances and events.

Flower Truck

Look out for it in and around Santa Monica, Venice and Culver City.

If you want to find out more about TheFlowerTruck – click on either of these images to visit the Flower Truck Website:

The Flower Truck

The Flower Truck Los Angeles

Kudo’s to Jenifer for thinking outside-the-box… and making her dream a reality.


[warning]If you want to find out what other business are going Mobile in Southern California … here’s a link to many more.[/warning]