What is Photo Roulette?

I’ve been following Photo Roulette on Twitter using their hashtag #PhotoRoulette for the past couple of months. I keep meaning to participate, because it’s a fabulous way of sharing random photo’s and connecting with other bloggers.

Each Photo Roulette has a theme, and Round 31’s theme is Music.  The winner of each round, becomes the host of the next round, and this week Photo Roulette is being hosted by Hecktictravels.  So head over there to find out more details about the competition.

My Entry for Round 31

I’ve just spent 20 minutes scrolling through some of my 22,000+ photo’s, trying to find one that could logically fit under the topic of music, and I was starting to get discouraged.  Until I had the bright idea of typing “music” in the search box.  I obviously haven’t done a lot of “music” tagging – but I was rewarded with two photo’s, and here’s the one I chose….

…as my submission for Round 31 of Photo Roulette:

Musician at Regans Wedding

Location:  Malibu Canyon, California
Date:  September 2010

I attended a wedding in Malibu last year on one of the hottest days of the year.  It was sweltering “sweat running down the back of your legs” hot.  The setting was gorgeous, and the bride walked down the aisle to this musician playing on his Cello – despite the heat, this guy kept his cool.  I think the look on his face is the concentration he’s exerting to make sure his fingers don’t slide off his strings.