Feb 27

A quiet place to write in Gumusluk

Poem A quiet place to write in Gumusluk Roving Jay

Inspiration for the poem

I was given a writing prompt in my writer’s circle the other day, which was to write about a special place, and I chose a wooden bench that overlooks Gumusluk harbour.

Sometimes I need to get out of the house to stir up the creative juices, and Gumusluk Harbour is the nearest spot that inspires me. I thought I’d give you a little sneak peak at the photos that inspired my poem:

Gumusluk Harbour View Bodrum Turkey

I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of this Gumusluk harbour view?

Stone Steps leading from the harbour Gumusluk Bodrum Turkey

Stone steps leading down to Gumusluk Harbour

Wooden Bench by the mosque

The Wooden Bench by the mosque that is nestled under the shade of two trees.

Steps from the barbers leading to the mosque Gumusluk Bodrum Turkey

Steps from the barbers leading to the mosque



Text for Search Engines!:

I climb stone steps by harbour-side, where waters glisten so boats can glide. Then view this world from a wooden lair, by a tiny mosque, and a barber’s chair. At specific times within the day, village men come here to pray. But in the time-gaps in between, I sit on this perch where I can’t be seen. My poets-eyes gaze horizon-bound. A sigh of peace, my only sound. Removed from all that daily grind, I contemplate words, I’ve left behind. I’m incognito – in foreign lands, a book and pen gripped in my hands, It’s quiet and still, and nothing stirs, Except….. my imagination, as it whirs


  1. BacktoBodrum

    I know that bench too – a great anonymous place to watch the summer hoi polloi pass by
    BacktoBodrum recently posted..Caterpillars on BurgazadaMy Profile

  2. eric

    I enjoyed your blog. I was actually born in Turkey. Istanbul to be exact. We moved with my family many years ago to Los Angeles. It’s always nice seeing pictures about Turkey. Thanks for sharing!

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