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Member’s Hot Seat

If you’re a Facebooker .. head on over to the We Love Memoirs¬†group to ask me a question, I’m in the hot seat today. This is one of the friendliest groups on Facebook, and is for Memoir Authors and Readers to get together to talk about their love of Memoirs and life in general. It’s a positive group and there’s no haters in it – which is why I belong (oh, and I love memoirs too!)

The group is run by Victoria Twead, New York Times best selling author of the Two Old Fools Memoir series.

Victoria Twead Chickens Mules and Two Old Fools

As somebody who is hankering for a life elsewhere on the planet, I devour books about other people chasing their dream. I loved the first book in her fools series the most because it was at the beginning of her journey, and I could relate to it the most. But I’ve read the other Spain books, and the same characters pop up again and you recognize them. Victoria’s books¬†undulate along the path of life with a compelling intrigue that keeps you going back for more.

So if you’re around today .. head on over to the Facebook Group and join in the conversation.

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