Chris chopping down treesNearly a year ago I asked how I’d become Margo and my brother had become Tom Good from the Good Life .. back then he was clearing and rotovating a rough strip of barren land in Albondón, Spain, and setting up an irrigation system.

He had a vision to create a plot full of fresh, home-grown produce to sustain his lifestyle. Now a year later … the hard work is paying off:

Chris's garden Spain Europe


And the work doesn’t stop there… here is is shelling the broad beans.
Chris on the roof

You may be asking … “what’s he going to do with everything he grows … there’s loads of it” … don’t worry – he’s a Chef by trade, and a brilliant one at that.

Can there be anything more rewarding than growing, cooking and eating your own produce?

Well done bruv… my hat’s off to you. Leading by example as always. You wait, I have a little bit of a green thumb up my sleeve too… just wait!